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Forum > Romance > Naruto MxM romance!

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Started by Eeeebby , Nov 22nd 2019 15:11

Eeeebby - Nov 22nd 2019 15:11

Hi! I'm looking for someone to write a Naruto/Shippuuden MxM romance roleplay with. I am open to ideas, but some of my favourite ships are:
Kakashi x Iruka
Sasuke x Naruto
Naruto x Gaara
Deidara x Sasori
Orochimaru x Kabuto
Kiba x Shikamaru
Deidara x Orochimaru
Please check my page to look at my rules before adding. I'd also appreciate it if you leave a comment saying you are interested so I know who out of the people adding me wants to roleplay. ;3

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Wolfe - Nov 22nd 2019 17:41

Hearted your rules and sent a friend request!

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