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Started by Spade , Nov 11th 2019 19:22

Spade - Jan 8th 2022 21:41

*Stripes winces at some of the comments he reads, shaking his head.*

Stripes:Oof... They're practically tearing him apart. Poor guy.

*Heart stares at some of the harsher comments that pop up with a look of disgust.*

Heart:....'s messed up.

*Solar, meanwhile, puts down his phone and holds his face in his hooves, groaning quietly.*

Solar:This... This is terrible...

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SchemingWeasel - Jan 8th 2022 22:09

Dizzy: Told you you guys wouldn't like it. Or something along those lines...

*She winces, looking away to the floor.*

Dizzy: I mean it's humiliating for him sure but this is also putting his career on the line now... He's pretty beat up by all this...

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Spade - Jan 17th 2022 18:16

Solar:...Neither of those are good things.

*Heart stares down at her phone screen for a minute longer before looking up at Dizzy.* said you got his number?


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SchemingWeasel - Jan 17th 2022 18:28

*Dizzy seems a little surprised by this but nods, she quickly writes it down on a napkin, pushing it over to Heart.*

Dizzy: I-I guess, yeah? It's this. Why?

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Spade - Jan 17th 2022 18:44

*Heart doesn't respond immediately, staring at the number written on the napkin before looking up at Dizzy and nodding.*


Solar:Wait. Are you...?

*Instead of answering, Heart enters the digits into her phone and hits call. When the line finally picks up, she says,-*

Heart:....Hey, Greenie. You there?

*Stripes snickers quietly.*

Stripes:Greenie? That's your nickname for him?

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SchemingWeasel - Jan 17th 2022 19:25

*The line is quiet for a few moments, eventually though, Lime's voice replies.*

Lime: Wh... Who is this, sorry? How did you get my number?

*Dizzy seems to face-hoof at this, watching Heart with exasperation.*

Dizzy: See I knew this would happen- I knew it- This was bound to happen.

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Spade - Jan 17th 2022 19:35

*Heart rolls her eyes at Dizzy, shaking her head before answering Lime.*

Heart:'s Heavy Heart.

*She falls silent for a moment, scrambling for an explanation as to how she got Lime's number without throwing Dizzy under the bus.*

Heart:I, uh... Entered a bunch of random numbers until you picked up.... Had a lotta weirdos answer before this.

*Next to her, Stripes snorts rather loudly. Solar watches Heart with a deadpan expression.*

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SchemingWeasel - Jan 17th 2022 19:42

*There's a stunned silence on the other end of the line for a moment before eventually Lime speaks again.*

Lime: That's uh... weird... Nobody should be able to get this number, it's... never mind... Uh, so what's up? Something going on? Must be fairly urgent if you're willing to do that right?

*Dizzy huffs, tapping the table.*

Dizzy: There's no way he's going to believe that...

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Spade - Jan 25th 2022 17:08

*Heart seems to slowly be realizing this, her wars pinned back and face slowly turning red with embarrassment. Even so, she continues.*

Heart:We... We saw the post.

*Heart grows quieter and quieter as she speaks.*

Heart:We just... We wanted to make sure you're okay...

*Heart is practically mumbling at this point, face a bright red and eyes downcast. Stripes pats Heart's back , though he's still grinning in amusement. This doesn't seem to comfort Heart any.*

*Solar mutters quietly to himself from beside Dizzy, running a hoof down his face.*

Solar:This.... This is just painful to witness.

*Watching Heart for a moment longer, Solar looks down at his pancakes and starts to eat. No need to waste good food.*

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SchemingWeasel - Jan 25th 2022 17:58

Lime: ... "We"? Oh... Are you guys still at the diner then? Oh, so Dizzy's there? It would make more sense if she gave you my number with all her weird timeline stuff, I uh hope so, that sounds cool!

*He's quiet for a moment or so, struggling for words.*

Lime: I erm- Actually I'm a bit busy right now and bad signal and crrrch- going through a tunnel- crrch- losing you- crrrch- talk to you later-

*With this, the other line goes dead, the screen reading "Call ended".*

Dizzy: Leeeeet me guess, he hung up? Thought that was going to happen...

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