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Started by Spade , Nov 11th 2019 19:22

Spade - Nov 25th 2021 18:12

*Heart stares at Dizzy for a moment, confusion and suspicion clear on her expression. She opens her mouth, a question on the tip of her tongue, before quickly closing it. At this point, this early in the day, she probably doesn't want to know. If only for her own peace of mind.*


*Shaking her head, Heart looks back at her phone, scrolling through the recommended articles section with disinterest.*


*Solar looks back at Dizzy.* Is anypony else going to show up???

*Solar looks confused, occasionally looking over at Stripes. The zebra seems preoccupied with signing a receipt, not noticing the pegasus's gaze.*

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SchemingWeasel - Dec 4th 2021 17:42

*Dizzy opens her mouth, her face clearly shows deep-thought, but after a moment of hesitation, she swallows back any hypothesis and multi-timeline nonsense she may have been about to spill.*

Dizzy: Oh... that was rhetorical, not literal, wasn't it...

*She shrugs in an "I dunno" manner. Not soon afterwards, Pumpkin returns to the table with a smile, holding a little notebook.*

Pumpkin: Sorry for the wait but thank you for being so lovely and patient, what can I get ye guys?

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Spade - Dec 7th 2021 23:23

*Solar seems doubtful of Dizzy's response, but doesn't push any further. Instead, he nods, turning his attention to Pumpkin when she returns.*

Solar:Can I get one of those vanilla bean pancakes? That actually sounds really good.

*Heart tucks her phone away, sparing the menu a glance before shrugging.*

Heart:A mushroom and cheese omelet, please.

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SchemingWeasel - Dec 12th 2021 19:09

*Pumpkin writes this down.*

Pumpkin: Yes and yessss...

*She looks up with a grin.*

Pumpkin: Anything else?

*Dizzy falters for a moment before shaking her head.*

Dizzy: I think that's probably it, thanks.

Pumpkin: Alrighty then! In that case I'll let the chef know your order. If you'd like anything else head over to the till.

*She smiles, heading back.*

Dizzy: What were we talking about?

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Spade - Dec 12th 2021 19:44

*Heart is silent for a moment, glancing over at Stripes before shrugging.*


*Solar isn't sure if he should mention the Elements anymore at the moment.*

Solar:So... Do you know any good spots around the city, Dizzy?

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SchemingWeasel - Dec 12th 2021 20:26

*Dizzy goes still for a few moments, looking confused.*

Dizzy: Uhhhhhh...

*She zones out for a second before shrugging.*

Dizzy: Not... really? I know the places to avoid and that's pretty much it...

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Spade - Dec 13th 2021 18:59

*Heart gives a small nod in agreement.*

Heart:'s better t' know them first.

*Solar looks between Heart and Dizzy with a concerned frown.*

Solar:Are there... a lot?


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SchemingWeasel - Dec 13th 2021 19:36

*Dizzy makes a strained noise, trying to think of a response.*

Dizzy: Aaaaaa... fair few. Don't worry though, it's not so bad for you. You're a stallion and you have wings so you don't need to worry.

*She idly runs her hoof along the grain of the table.*

Dizzy: You kinda learn how to navigate the city safely at a young age so if you haven't learned so far you probably won't ever need to...

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Spade - Dec 14th 2021 15:12

*Heart frowns, but nods.*

Heart:Plenty of hidin' spots, if ya know where t' look at least. Sometimes...

*Heart glances over at Stripes. At seeing the stallion distracted, she looks back at Solar. She leans forward, her voice a hushed whisper.*

Heart:Sometimes it don't matter if you're a stallion. Keep that in mind.

*Solar startles, ears pulling back, as he looks at Heart with wide eyes.*

Solar:Is- was that a threat???

*Heart sighs, leaning back into her seat with a tired eye roll.*

Heart:Nah. It was a warnin' and nothin' else.


*Solar isn't sure if he should say thanks or be worried.*

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SchemingWeasel - Dec 15th 2021 20:14

*Dizzy rolls her shoulder back, tracing the table again.*

Dizzy: sssssooooo... I was wondering if we can maybe go shopping this week...

*Her ear flicks slightly and the mare tries to seem less-obvious, lowering her voice further.*

Dizzy: Y'know... at the local arms dealer...

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