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Started by Spade , Nov 11th 2019 19:22

Spade - Oct 24th 2021 17:08

*Solar tries to think of a topic of conversation. His thoughts are interrupted when Heart suddenly speaks.*

Heart:So... What're you two doin' today?

*Solar pauses, blinking owlishly at Heart.*


Heart:What are you you two doin' today...?

Solar:I, uh... I was probably going to do sone testing with the artifacts in the apartment?

*Solar chooses not to specifically mention The Elements for.... Obvious reasons.*


*Heart glances at Dizzy in silence, waiting for a response.*

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SchemingWeasel - Oct 29th 2021 17:40

*Dizzy looks up in surprise a little before shrugging a little and looking back to the table.*

Dizzy: I um... I actually... I was wondering if today... maybe you'd like to see some of my companions...? that was if you wanted to of course... no pressure... I think they'd like to meet you... especially the orchid mantises...

*She keeps her eyes firmly away from Heart's, seeming rather mousey and embarrassed at the subject.*

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Spade - Oct 31st 2021 17:32

*Heart pauses for a moment, brow quirking in slight interest and confusion. She quietly mutters to herself, "An orchid what...?" Despite this, Heart carefully shakes her head.*

Heart:I was... plannin' on meetin' up with a friend of mine. Me and him try t' stay in touch, so when we can we try t' meet up.

Solar:Is this the Stripes guy you mentioned earlier?

*Heart glances over at Solar and gives a small nod.*

Heart:Yep. I've... I've know 'im for a long time. Was gonna try pickin' up a card for Glory, too, so we could all sign it... When everyone's here, at least.

*Heart looks back at Dizzy.*

Heart:You said her favorite color was blue, ri-

*A loud ding interrupts Heart. The mare looks embarrassed, fumbling with her phone.*

Heart:P-pardon me for a moment-

*Heart's eyes widen as she reads whatever is on the screen.*

"TimeToTrot has sent a sent a text."
-Hey, Heart! Could we go over to your place? I realized that I've never seen it. Aaaand the picture you sent is pretty vague since we live in a city. There's buildings everywhere.

*Stripes is grinning at Heart from his seat. He knows that she can tell from the way she tenses.*

*Having to restrain herself from look over at Stripes and deadpanning, Heart looks up from her phone and back at Dizzy.*, uh... My friend wants t' come over. To the apartment. Is... Is that okay?


*Solar looks over at Dizzy and shrugs.*

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SchemingWeasel - Oct 31st 2021 18:42

*Dizzy tilts her head aside slightly, she can't help but give a small smile, not glancing back over to Stripes.*

Dizzy: You know, you could invite them over to the table first, that would be a good start. *She gives Heart a careful look, lowering her voice slightly.* Or is it a personal thing? Don't want to be seen in public with a... y'know... zebra?

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Spade - Oct 31st 2021 23:39

*Heart stares at Dizzy with wide eyes, looking completely flabbergasted by the question.*

Heart:Wha...... What!?!

*Solar jumps at Heart's volume, surprised by the outburst.*

*Freezing when she realizes how loud that was, Heart glances around, face flushing slightly, before looking back at Dizzy. Her voice is a lot quieter when she speaks.*

Heart:Why the b*ck would it matter if he's a zebra?

*Solar looks between Heart and Dizzy, confusion clear on his expression.*


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SchemingWeasel - Nov 1st 2021 13:51

*Dizzy shrugs.*

Dizzy: Beats me, that's why I was asking... Just saying it'd be easier to just talk to them rather than texting them from across the room, unless there's something you don't want us to hear.

*She rolls her shoulders back and sinks into the booth a little more, seeming unfazed.*

Dizzy: I mean you do you and all though of course...

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Spade - Nov 14th 2021 15:25

*Heart stares blankly at Dizzy, ignoring the mare's last statement, though that isn't to say she doesn't still grow flustered by what said statement implies. There's a beat of silence before she asks, sounding rather hesitant, -* did ya know he was a zebra, and that he's here.

*Solar, meanwhile, has started to look around the diner from his seat. He's surprised, well... almost surprised to spot a zebra watching his party's booth from the bar. Stripes catches Solar's gaze, and waves.*


*Solar awkwardly waves back after a minute.*

Edited Nov 14th 2021 19:03

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SchemingWeasel - Nov 14th 2021 18:55

*Dizzy visually restrains herself from glancing in Stripes' direction. She keeps herself marginally cool-headed but grins nervously.*

Dizzy: u...uh... Lucky guess? Come on! Text him back! *She flicks her tail as if brushing off the conversation with it.* Or at least speak to them. They're probably waiting for your reply.

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Spade - Nov 16th 2021 17:27

*Heart stares at Dizzy before glancing over at Solar, who still has his hoof raised in a wave. Solar catches Heart's gaze and quickly pulls his hoof down, looking anywhere but in Heart's direction.*


*Sighing, Heart quickly types into her phone.*

"IfIOnlyHadAHeart has sent a text."

*There's a moment of silence before the phone dings with a reply.*

"TimeToTrot has sent a sent a text."
-Great! Can't wait to see the place!

"IfIOnlyHadAHeart has sent a text."
-I saw you waving to Solar. If this was planned, I'm gonna kick your flank into next week.

"TimeToTrot has sent a sent a text."
-Only if you can catch me first, TinMare!

"IfIOnlyHadAHeart has sent a text."
-I regret letting you give me that nickname.

"TimeToTrot has sent a sent a text."
-We both know you love it.

*Deadpanning at the screen, Heart looks back up at Dizzy and Solar.*

Heart:...He's excited t' come over.

Edited Nov 18th 2021 17:44

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SchemingWeasel - Nov 21st 2021 18:50

*Dizzy taps her hooves against the table.*

Dizzy: Brilliant. All according to plan. About time he showed up at the apartment in this timeline.

*She nibbles at the edge of her bread again.*

Dizzy: So close yet so far... There's still hope for us all yet...

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