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Started by ALittleDropOfHope , Nov 3rd 2019 17:41

ALittleDropOfHope - Nov 3rd 2019 17:41

Dear (Insert OC name here,)

I am proud to inform you that you have been accepted into The House of Eden, a place where mutants can learn in peace and prosperity.
I know this may be hard to believe, but you were born with amazing gifts and abilities, whether you've discovered them or not.
Here at The House of Eden, you will learn how to control and use these powers and learn just like any other student.

We believe you are full of potential and possibilities, great gifts lie within you, I hope you will learn to unlock them!
So pack your bags, and prepare for your first day.
I know you will grow to do amazing things!

~ Madame Laura


It has been over 20 years since the children of the X-23 experiment have escaped the Reavers, thanks to the help of Logan. They've lived in peace, having grown up in places among Canada, even starting mutant families of their own.

Professors Rictor, Laura, Delilah, and Bobby have since begun building a new facility and learning space for mutants around the globe once again. Children of the X-23 mutants have started to fill this academy, just as all those years ago Charles Xavier created his school for "Gifted Youngsters."

The heads of the building have deemed it, "The House of Eden" after the safe haven "Eden" which they had escaped in 2029.



Basic rules, no godmodding, controlling other characters, killing off characters, etc.

Characters are ages 10-18 (Characters must be 14+ to be in a romantic relationship)

I'd like to have at least a few faculty members and students.

If you want something specific for your character, ask me! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Characters are approved by me.

If you'd like to create more than one character, feel free as well!

If your character is a student, they are NOT expected to be able to control their powers, they were born with them, but otherwise haven't been told of them just yet of their mutant mothers/fathers.

If you want your character to be acurate, feel free to do your research, that's what I did anyway.

Most of my Rp's don't tend to last long, sometimes not even starting, so I'd keep my expectations low for now.

Also, yes this took a lot of inspiration from somewhere else I don't remember at this point, but It's been inspired so thanks for that.


Character Card:






Appearance: (I prefer a picture, but you can describe them if that's what you like)







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REMRoleplay - Nov 4th 2019 15:26

Name: Omri Shafir

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: Israeli/Jewish

Appearance: 4'11 in height and image below

Personality: Omri is quiet and reserved at first meet but once he gets to know someone, he is much more friendly and can be rather clingy to those he considers friends. He is rather gullible and can be a pushover. Omri has a temper and will hold grudges depending on the situation; he will often refuse to talk to people who he’s angry with. Omri will always put himself in harm’s way to protect someone though is very impulsive and will jump into danger without thinking just to protect someone. He can also be very secretive about his background and has trust issues due to past events but will willingly share anything with those he considers friends. Sometimes Omri can be too much of a follower and doesn't consider his ideas or opinions important so he just follows along with whatever others say even if he does have some good ideas. Due to where he was born and brought up, Omri can be naive to things others might think as normal, though he's also very curious and wants to learn more about the world.

Hobbies: Drawing, woodwork/crafting, training

Abilities: Omri has light based abilities. He's able to generate orb-shaped projectiles formed out of hardened light as well as force fields made from the same hardened light. He's also able to teleport though only where he can see and not too much or too far of a distance for it makes him weak.

Weaknesses: Using his powers too much make him weak and in some cases, can cause him to lose consciousness. His powers are also simply not the strongest. They can be trained to be a little more powerful but without the help of another hero's powers, he could only take out simple villains.

Backstory: Omri was born in a kingdom called Akharon. There he was the prince, next heir to the throne but he never got the chance. The kingdom was invaded and rose up to take over the kingdom. Omri's parents fought for their kingdom though ended up dying in the process. Omri was never that brave as he fled for his life, always regretting the decision but vowing to make for it somehow.

Other: Omri isn't the best at English, he can hold a conversation though will mix in words from his native language, Hebrew.

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