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Started by JepMasta , Jan 31st 2019 01:46

JepMasta - Jan 31st 2019 01:46

Hey everyone.

I am looking for female partners only please.

My idea for this role play is a bit odd. I am not looking for any smut.

Looking for a romantic plot with a twist in amodern setting. The twist being that one or both of our characters can fly. Just fly, plain and simple. Whether it be through hypnotism or gifted at birth, or some other means, wecan discuss the details in the PM's.

I know at first glance that this may seemboring or dull, and to some it may be. But we can go anywhere, do anything with our gift. So won't you please, come fly with me?

Edited Jan 31st 2019 13:28

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JepMasta - Jan 31st 2019 13:28

Sorry. Force of habit. It’s been changed.

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JahBee - Apr 3rd 2019 22:16

Come fly with me, come fly lets fly awaaay! I'm interested :)

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