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Started by Spade , Dec 1st 2017 15:27

SchemingWeasel - Oct 24th 2021 20:08

*Fiji shifts in discomfort slightly but keeps his arrogance defensively up, if anything to distract himself.*

Fiji: Alright I'm looking... Seems fairly normal to me, remind me again what you want me to do exactly?

*Although he keeps a stony expression, he can't help but look away a few times.*

Fiji: If this is some kind of intimidation tactic, I can tell you now that I have seen much, much worse than scars.


*It doesn't need to be a complete lie. Just... a half one. Work up some illusion or something to make it seem like you've invented something and it'll give you more time. Then later on you can make something that will work or at least get someone to be available to help make something that'll work. You really think he's going to be checking frequently? He wants you all far away and not to bother with you. If you take it from me, unless they actually see one of the twins inside of their universe again, I think it's highly unlikely they'll be checking.


*Sheep looks down with a sigh.*

Sheep: I... only want to help them... and yet... I only seem to be making everything so much worse again.


*The wolf watches Cross but seems to get the message. She leaps down into the cave, following him, her paws thudding on the stone floor. Quietly she sniffs at a few of the objects discarded in the room but seems deeply disgusted by it on a different level to being simply grossed out by bones. The wolf looks very uncertain and on-edge at the environment despite being a hulking mass of teeth and claws. Quietly though, she filters through the doorway and down the corridor.*

*Despite the age of everything here, the place seems to be untouched by all animals and well-preserved. There doesn't even seem to be a sign of any rats or mice.*


*Dream shakes his head miserably, stepping away from Mike.*

Dream: You don't get it. I was created to be positive and to make everyone else happy. If I can't even do that then I'm a failure to everyone.

*He places his hand on his chest, holding back further tears.*

Dream: The entire multiverse had put its trust in me. I've broken everyone's trust... I'm a failure...

*After a moment of silence, he gasps, feeling suddenly much stiffer than he was before. He looks down to his hand only to be met with a grey cast that spreads at a gradual pace down his forearm. His chest seems to be the cause, the same grey spreading outwards from where his SOUL is located until he can't feel his limbs and his chest. Tears now flow freely from his sockets, somewhat speeding up the lithification.*

Dream: I... I thought it was my brother's hatred that caused this... I blamed it on him... b-but... s-so it was my own fault this whole time...


*Alesa nods quickly.*

Alesa: Got it!!! Oh uh- Also Rose said to "check on the kids" or something like that?


*Nix ponders this before giving in. The little dragon tiredly recoils at the idea of thinking, slinking back into the safety of Teddy's hood.*

Nix: I like everything cold... but I also like Teddy...


*Robin blinks, not sure about the Blaster's response but follows their gaze and looks ahead, spotting Horror and Geno.*

Robin: Hello!! Sorry, do you speak common? Do you live here? I'm rather lost!

*Geno looks over to Robin and grins from ear to ear, running over to them.*


Robin: Uh- Excuse me? Did I need to be to gain access?

*Geno wraps his arms around Robin in a tight hug.*

Geno: You're FLUFFY!

Robin: U-uhm- Th-thank you?

*Geno looks back over to Horror now with a bright smile.*

Geno: Look Horror!! They're fluffy!!!

*Robin looks up at Horror with a shy smile before pausing in concern.*

Robin: Are you injured? I know some first aid but that kind of trauma is out of my field unfortunately.

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Spade - Oct 29th 2021 20:57

*Potato rolls her eye, and moves over to the sink in the room. She summons cleaner and a case for her prosthetic eye, washing in off before storing it and washing her own hands again.*

Potato:I'd hope so, considering your profession. Why would I ask for help if this was all just some trick to intimidate you?

*Moving over to the bed, she takes a seat. Unfortunately for Fiji, the chaotic deity gestures toward her empty socket.*

Potato:I need you to check how this is doing. Due to the...nature....of how I got this, it never heals completely. I.... I need you to make sure none of my wounds are worse than they already are. Godly regeneration goes only so far in the end, you know?

*The chaotic deity squints at Fiji for a moment, carefully studying his expression, before sighing tiredly.*

Potato:...if you're uncomfortable, just say it.

*Gaster looks away from the blank page and in the direction of where he thinks y̶o̶u̶r̶ the disembodied voice is coming from.

Gaster:....that....could possibly work.

*Gaster turns back to the blank page and begins to scribble something on the paper.

Gaster:The CORE had several puzzles built into it.... It shouldn't be too hard to redirect a beam of energy into the shape of a cage...could also create fences for the doors....

*Whatever else Gaster says is lost as he mumbles up a storm, the page slowly filling with rough designs.


*Captain pats Sheep's back, shaking his head.

Captain:You Aren't. Scout Has Been Through A Lot In Such A Short Time. His Brother Has, Too. I Can't Imagine How He'll Act When He Wakes Up. I'm Sure They'll Need Help Later, But For Now... Scout Needs Space To Think. He's Stressed And... He Has Every Right To Be Wary, Especially Considering That Before, Me And Him Were... Enemies.


*Cross looks around, uncertainty growing with each step further into the corridor.

Cross:....this doesn't scream horror movie at all...


*Mike drops the handkerchief he was holding in shock. The piece of cloth flutters to the ground. If he had eyes that were visible, you can bet that they would be as wide as saucers.

Mike:W-Whoa! Now just hang on one minute!

*Mike is trying not to let steadily increasing panic he's feeling slip into his voice. His mind is racing as he tries to figure out what to say next.

Mike:I may not understand what all you're talking about, but you said you have a brother, right? What's going to happen to him if you allow.... Whatever is happening to continue?

*Mike carefully places his hands on Dream's shoulders, ignoring the lithification and looks Dream straight in the socket.

Mike:He'll blame himself if he finds you like this, little man, so pull yourself together. If not for his sake, than for the Multiverse. So what if you made a mistake? Everyone does, but that doesn't mean we, er... Freeze up because of them. You say that you're a failure because you couldn't make everyone happy? That it's your purpose to ensure everyone's happiness? What's going to happen when you're gone!? Is everyone just going to not be positive ever again?!

*Mike shakes his head.

Mike:You can still make things right, Dream. It may seem bad now, but do you want to leave it that way? Or do you want to change things for the better?!

*Elsewhere, in the VOID, Night gasps as a cold dread creeps up his spine. Something.... Something is wrong.

Nightmare:Here we go....


Nightmare:This was bound to happen again at some point.

Night:What was!?

*Night sounds terrified. Nightmare only sighs.

Nightmare:You'll find out soon enough.

*Despite Night's pleas and demands for Nightmare to explain, the latter remains silent. Night is beginning to grow hysteric with concern.


*Fell freezes at that reminder.


*Fell utters a quiet curse and begins to look around for any sign of Ink and Crystal.


*Teddy gently pokes at the hood that Nix is residing in.

Teddy:....The......cold....reminds me....of.....home..... It'

*Horror immediately tenses and turns his head so that his wound isn't as visible to Robin. This is exactly the kind of thing he wanted to avoid.'s fine. Just an old wound.

*Horror attempts to change the topic, though he does pat SB when the blaster approaches.

Horror:You said you were lost?

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SchemingWeasel - Oct 30th 2021 13:29

*Fiji grumbles under his breath something along the lines of "I'm not uncomfortable, why would I ever be uncomfortable, I've seen worst". This seems to snap him back to formalities as he approaches.*

Fiji: Alright. As long as you don't flinch or fidget or run off halfway through. I have enough of that a day already...

*As he stops in front of Potato, he pauses his expression for once strained with concern, though this is quickly replaced by his gruff façade as he reaches into his kit and pulls out a little torch.*

Fiji: Yet... You mentioned you have never "done something like this" before. So how have you been able to make sure it is alright in years prior? Where did you get the prosthetic from? If you're comfortable saying so, how did this happen? Was it like this upon your... creation??


*Exactly, if anyone can think outside of the box it's you.

*After a small while, a quiet knock sounds from the door. There's some hushed conversation from the other side but nothing loud enough to be intelligable.*


*Sheep frowns slightly, though more in mild concern than anything. He watches Captain's expression with great care.*

Sheep: En...emies? In what sense? You seem to get along now, did you not before I arrived?


*Eventually, the corridor opens up into a larger, open room with several adjacent corridors. This room is somehow still lit up by an unknown light somewhere from the ceiling but keeps the slatey cavern appearance. There are chains in this room spanning from the ceiling to the floor, barred tighter holding rooms and cages at the edges and in the centre of the open space is a large circle drawn in a strange substance. It seems that at several points in the circle, there are symbols drawn and opposite to these symbols are skulls with engravings and melted candles drilled through the centres. In the very centre of this room, stands a rather muddy Sage. She seems afraid. The she-wolf skirts the edge of the room, refusing to get much closer to Sage than the edges of the circle.*

Sage: w-who is there. don't come any closer.


*Dream shakes his head, looking away from Mike.*

Dream: My brother is safe with Nightmare. Unlike me, Nightmare won't let anything bad happen to them. Everyone seems to be better off without me, they were before... I've tried so many times to help change things but I make everything so much worse all the time. I'm too tired to keep trying now, I shouldn't have ever come back...

*Dream swallows nervously but keeps his gaze to the floor.*

Dream: I'm sorry... thank you for trying but I can't, I deserve this... if you see him, tell my brother Night I'm sorry for everything I did and said...

*With this the guardian looks down again, their expression set in stone and the multiverse seems to shift in atmosphere slightly.*


*Near to Fresh' door, Ink and Crystal are crouched around an anomaly they seem to have found. Said anomaly looks to be a rather young, stripy lion with a small spiked mass for a mane. Both Ink and Crystal seem to be very interested in the creature, petting it and talking amongst each other. Alesa glances between this and Fell's expression with a wince.*

Alesa: Ah sh*t, that's not good is it.


*Nix shuffles in the hood, eventually though his small head pokes out again with big adoring eyes which stare up at Teddy. The hood drops a few degrees in temperature as the little dragon purrs.*


*Robin seems hesitant to ignore this but understands it's likely not comfortable to talk about, still he gives Horror a knowing look. After some hesitance, he nods.*

Robin: Sort of. More like... kidnapped? I was in my home but I believe someone broke in. They had a hole in their face, no facial features just a cloak and a lamp. They asked me a strange question and I ended up here. I was hoping there would be a way for me to get home but I'm not even sure where I am right now or where to go. SB found me and lead me here, I'm hoping away from the creatures in the dark that are... less friendly.

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Spade - Nov 7th 2021 15:57

*A look of discomfort passes Potato's expression at the second to last question.*


*It takes a moment for the chaotic deity to respond.*

Potato:I... I did not have any of these scars at my creation, nor was I missing an eye. The prosthetic was something I made. It... Took a while to make it, but allows me to see through it. It works just like a normal eye...

*Potato rests her hands on her lap, not meeting Fiji's gaze.*

Potato:The only way I've know that it hasn't gotten worse is because I'm still here now. If it had gotten worse..... I do not believe I would be here. I would no longer have a functioning physical form, I would be... How do you say it? Comatose? Or at the very least, I would be completely blind. Even if I did manage to regenerate or create new eyes, my sight wouldn't return. Not that there aren't ways to live without your vision. I'm lucky to still have at least one functioning eye, though....

*Taking a steadying breath, Potato braces herself so she can answer Fiji's last question. She ignores the phantom pain that starts to resonate from her scars and missing eye to the best of her ability.*

Potato:These...(*Potato gestures to her empty socket and scars*)...were parting gifts from my... Ex. They were... It was not... I.... It was...

*Potato's hands clench in her lap, chaotic energy surrounding the air around them. A shaky breath escapes the deity in front of Fiji. Her voice is barely above a whisper when she finally continues.*

Potato:... Th... They were not pleased with my decision to... To leave them.

*At this moment, Potato glances down, paling at the sight of her hands. She quickly dismisses the energy that's gathered.*

Potato:That was the past. They... They aren't important. Not right now.

*Gaster looks up from the notebook that's slowly been filling back up and sets it down. Standing up, the skeleton monster takes a moment to brush himself off before heading toward the door, summoning several disembodied hands to pick up and trash the discarded papers littering the floor.


*Making sure that, at the very least, the trash has been picked up, Gaster opens the door.



*Captain avoids Sheep's gaze. He seems.... Embarrassed?

Captain:It Was..... Complicated. Scout Was Apart Of A Team Called 'The Star Sanses'. They Were Viewed As The Heroes Of The Multiverse. Alongside Scout, There Was Dream And Ink. Dream Is Known As The Guardian Of Positivity, While Ink Is... The Guardian Of AUs. Almost Everyone You've Seen Here Are Considered The Bad Guys, Myself Included. I've Never Actually Been Certain As To Why We're The Bad Guys, If Not For What A Few Of The Others Here Are Known For. If Not For Our Backgrounds...

*Captain trails off. He's not certain if he should explain who Error and Nightmare are, along with... Whatever it is Fresh has going on. How do you explain that you live with what can easily be viewed as two god-like Monsters and an eldritch-like, 90's loving parasite?


*Cross feels nauseous in this room. He tries to not stare at the space around him, instead focusing on Sage. The thing he can't ignore, unfortunately, is the pressure in the air.

Cross:Sage? Sage, it's me, Cross. The wolf is here, too.



*Mike groans loudly, running a hand down his "face".

Mike:I don't even know who your brother is, little man...

*Looking around at the endless white of the Anti-VOID, Mike's gaze lands on the door he used to enter.


*Mike is silent for a few minutes, looking between the door and Dream statue before eventually sighing.

Mike:I can't leave you like... This. Especially in such a quiet place. Not that I'm certain you can even hear me.

*Turning around, Mike walks back over to the door, only stopping once to pick up his handkerchief.


*Mike returns pushing a dolley cart, moving behind the Dream statue.


*Rolling up his sleeves, Mike attempts to move the statue onto the dolley. It takes a few minutes, and also earns him a sore back, but Mike succeeds.

Mike:Ugh... I'll be feeling that later...

*Pushing the dolley back towards the door, Mike exits the Anti-VOID with the Dream statue.

*Elsewhere, Night shudders as he feels something in the air shift. Something has changed, and it isn't for the better. Night speaks a single, quiet word. It seems to echo around the room he's in.

Night:D.... Dream...?



*Fell currently is wearing an expression that's a mix between the face of someone who just bit into a lemon and staring death in the face.

Fell:. . . . .


*Teddy stops walking for a moment, raising his hand and carefully pats Nix's head with one finger.

*Astara, meanwhile, has spotted a flash of red behind one of the newer doors in the circle. The serpentine Shadow quickly slithers towards the door.

*How is Ripper?


*Horror looks back at SB, who just squeaks in response.


*Horror looks back at Robin and offers a shrug.

Horror:Haven't seen anyone like that around here. I don't know anyone around here without a face.

*Horror lazily gestures to the surrounding area.

Horror:Welcome to the VOID, more specifically, one of the only safe places in the VOID.

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SchemingWeasel - Nov 7th 2021 19:24

*A more serious expression overtakes Fiji's features, their ears lowering slightly in further concern as they listen carefully to the deity. The little meerkat gently moves his hands over and clasps onto Potato's before his pupils shift to look into the god's remaining eyes.*

Fiji: You are safe here... Please, stay as long as you wish, though don't feel trapped here, but stay far, far away from whoever they may be...

*He lets out a long sigh, closing his eyes with a frown.*

Fiji: I know I am... I am not the most comforting monster. Emotions and empathy was never my forte... but... but you are loved. And I do care- and others care too- but especially myself. I wouldn't be a doctor if I didn't care.

*He winces slightly.*

Fiji: Again, I know I may not come across as very empathetic but I do know what it is like to come from somewhere like you have and you are not alone. You don't need to talk about it, I understand, but I am here to help you. I have... I have never medically aided someone of your... stature before but I will do what I can if you trust me, no strings attached.


*Tom stands at the entrance, looking a little sheepish. Behind them, and still tied up to an IV, is an embarrassed Grell who seems to be making a big deal out of looking away and acting as if they don't exist.*

Tom: H-Hi um... Grell couldn't sleep in the infirmary and um... I don't think they really feel right at the moment and being a doctor is hard... please can we stay here for a while, dad?

*Grell glances up at the skeleton for a moment before quickly looking away again, shrinking slightly into their coat like a turtle recoils into its shell.*


Sheep: I see... Well actually I don't exactly see but I think I understand the gist of it... Yet they seem rather out of place... You mentioned his "teammates", how Dream is the guardian of positivity and Ink is the guardian of the AUs? Wouldn't that imply that Blue- ah, erm, Scout- is also a guardian? But of what? And why were they fighting these dangerous battles in the first place? They are merely a child...

*Sudden realisation hits him, he looks to Captain with wide, concerned and fearful eyes.*

Sheep: How long have you been fighting them for? Weeks? Months? Surely not as long as years. If they are still a child now then there's no way that they would fight being much younger. Please tell me that you all wouldn't fight and hurt a young child...


*Sage looks relieved for a moment but only for a moment.*

Sage: Cross- Cross this place- I know it- I... This is...

*Long forgotten pain hangs in the air. A flash later and the candles in the room ignite with vibrant flame. Sage shivers fearfully from the centre of the circle, looking around despite not having any sight. Masked figures emerge from the corridors and filter into the room, seeming to phase through Cross as they walk on by. Sage stumbles out of the edge of the circle and is quickly corralled by the wolf but now in the centre stands a young dragon, shackled by the chains within the room and seeming terribly frightened. The new things in the room flicker out like a candle before flickering back in again and now there are two Sages, the one at the edge of the circle and a human one within the circle though this doesn't last long. There's a loud eldritch shriek and the ceiling caves in as a much larger dragon intrudes, the masked men scattering. The image fades once again, but now looking up it's evident that the light from the ceiling seems to be gaps where the earth hasn't managed to heal over yet and the moonlight filters through.*

*On the opposite side of the room, Sage is gripping onto the wolf's fur, looking petrified and distraught.*


*Alesa looks between the two for a little longer before she starts to move towards Crystal and Ink slowly.*

Alesa: Uh, should we do something? I don't know how tame that cat-thing is...


*Ripper is... being Ripper. And by that I mean he's currently asleep in one of the booths of the bar. Seems as if his protection work here is done and now he plans to live out the rest of his days either drinking, sleeping or waiting for something to happen- that is if he ever notices anything happen...


Robin: The... VOID? I've never heard of a place named that... Other than in theories but I'm assuming this is... well I'm not too sure what this place is. I thought I was trapped somewhere, like in a really large, dark storehouse but this seems to go on forever...

*Geno beams up at Robin, finally letting the deer go.*

Geno: I'm Geno!! And this is Horror!!

Robin: Ah-! Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself too. *He smiles awkwardly.* I'm Robin, Robin Willowby. I'm a therapist at the Soul Health Mental Hospital. Though I'm not even too sure where that is at the moment either... You wouldn't happen to know how I can get back there? Either there or to my... is that my apartment?

*He glances through the doorway, looking bewildered.*

Robin: but... how...? And what happened to the outside of it? ... this all seems like a very strange dream...

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Spade - Nov 18th 2021 16:03

*Potato tenses at the contact at first, her remaining eye widening slightly, before forces herself to relax. It's safe here. Fiji is a doctor, he's not going to hurt her. It's safe. It's safe. It's.... safe.... Right?*


*She already feels raw, exposed even, from showing her scars and talking about... About them. She doesn't trust herself to speak, afraid of saying any more than she should, so at this point all she can do is nod.*

*Gaster glances between Tom and Grell, but nods anyway, moving aside so the two can enter. Behind him, the disembodied hands he summoned earlier are picking up and moving the books he had scattered across his room.

Gaster:Of course. It's no trouble.

*Gaster glances at Grell, eye-lights flicking to the IV for a moment.

Gaster:Grell. Do you need help moving...that?


*Captain stares at Sheep in surprise before looking away in shame.

Captain:I Didn't Know He Was A Child... None Of Us Did.

*Captain pauses, suddenly looking ill. He recalls Error's... Reluctance to battle Scout.

Captain:At Least... I Don't Think Any Of Us Did. I Don't Know How Long Ink Had Scout On His Team, Only That The Star Sanses Would Show Up And Attack Us. Error Seemed Familiar With Them Whenever They Would Appear, As Did Nightmare And Fresh. It Didn't Help That Ink Wanted Us.... Dead. He Almost Succeeded A Few Times, Actually.

*Captain clenches his fists, staring at the space acting as the ground in the VOID.

Captain:In The Arenas, It Didn't Matter If Your Opponent Was A Child Or Not. It Didn't Matter If You Knew Them. If You Did Not Fight, You Would Be Killed. I Never Wanted To Fight, But I Didn't Want To Die. I Did What I Had To So Me And Papyrus Could Survive Back Then, And When I Got Here, I Did What I Had To So I Could Survive Here. That Doesn't Mean I Enjoyed It Then And That I Find Much Joy In It Now. I Enjoy Sparring, But That Doesn't Mean That I Find Any Pleasure In Taking Lives.

*Captain takes a deep breath and looks back up at Sheep, staring him straight in the socket. Quivering red eye-lights meet Sheep's own.

Captain:Think Less Of Me If You Want. I.... I Don't Really Care If You Do. I Was Just Trying To Stay Alive Like Everybody Else. I Still Am.


*Cross watches the display in silence, wearing an unreadable expression, though his hands are clenched into fists and shaking ever so slightly. As he turns toward Sage and the she-wolf, a flash of white in the corner of his vision catches his attention. Coco has reappeared. Judging by Coco's expression of horror, the specter must have been back at least long enough to see... Cross isn't even sure if he should call it a memory. He doesn't know what that was.


*Careful not to touch the circle, Cross moves around the room over to Sage and the she-wolf. Coco follows in silence after a moment.

Cross:Sage? Let's just... Let's get out of here, okay? You don't have to explain anything, just... Focus on breathing. We'll be out of here soon.


*In Nightmare's room....*

Night:What happened...? Was that... That was Dream. What just happened!?!


Night:/ANSWER ME!/

*Unknown to Night, a sudden chill grips Nightmare's very presence. The being of negativity is silent for a moment before responding, though it almost sounds.... Forced?

Nightmare:That was Dream. He's given up.


Nightmare:He's lost all hope. That was the balance shifting.

Night:He's.... He's d-dead...?


Night:Th-Then what happened to him?

Nightmare:The same thing that happened after the accident.


Nightmare:He's become stone.

*At these words, dread fills Night's heart.



Fell:It probably isn't. That's the problem.

*Fell stares at down at 'his' hands for a moment before looking back at the anomaly. Fell attempts to tap into his magic, despite being uncertain if he still has access to it.

*For a moment, nothing happens, until suddenly one of Fell's blasters appears. The blaster looks confused for a moment, looking around before their gaze lands on Fell. The unnamed blaster squints at Fell before its sockets widen in recognition. The blaster looks away, making a noise that almost sounds like snickering.


*Fell glares at the blaster. The blaster freezes, seeming to sense Fell's growing ire, despite not seeing his expression, and immediately falls silent. Quickly, the blaster floats between Crystal, Ink, and the anomaly, being careful not to harm any of the three.


*I see....

*....Imma poke him.

*Carefully pokes Ripper's side with a stick.*

*Horror looks between Robin and the door before looking away. He seems...nervous.

Horror:....shoulda known you'd be the owner.

*Horror takes one last glance at the apartment before looking back at Robin. He's frowning.

Horror:I hate t' break it to you, but this is the farthest thing from a dream. Your apartment showed up here not too long ago. Whatever brought you here... Coulda been an anomaly. I didn't know they could leave the VOID though...

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SchemingWeasel - Nov 18th 2021 17:20

*Fiji looks away for a moment, letting out a frustrated sigh with himself and mumbling quietly.*

Fiji: I'm really not at all good at this whole... empathy thing...

*He swallows, looking down for a moment and closing his eyes before he looks back up at Potato.*

Fiji: Right. Let's look at this eye then. See how bad it is or uh, how good it is. Got it? Then I can see if I can give you something to help perhaps.


*Grell glances at Gaster for a split second but looks away again, folding their arms and hunching their shoulders in discomfort.*


*Tom stares up at Gaster with an apologetic look, seeming nervous of what their reaction may be.*

Tom: They don't mean it- They're just...

Grell: I want to go home...

*Tom nervously fidgets, tapping their fingers together awkwardly.*

Tom: U-Uh I mean here is home so...

Grell: this isn't home...

*Tom opens his mouth to speak but can't seem to find the words, he shifts his gaze to the floor, wincing.*


*Sheep tugs at his collar, face contorted in pain, but he doesn't speak or interrupt. After a while, he lets out a laborious sigh, sinking down to sit cross-legged on the ground.*

Sheep: I don't... I don't think differently about you, son. I don't think less of you... If anything, I think less of myself for... for forcing you to endure all... this.

*He blinks slowly, breaking eye-contact.*

Sheep: Sit with me... I vowed I would never, never speak of this to you or Papyrus but... I suppose perhaps we need to speak of our pasts in order to move into our futures. After all, what has happened has happened and there's no good in dwelling on what cannot change. Sans- uh- Captain... I wasn't always a doctor. Or at least not the good kind... Even before the royalty turned sour. Perhaps I was even the chain reaction that caused it all...


*Sage's expression creases in desperation, she lets go of the she-wolf, using her hand to trace the wall and find a corridor.*

Sage: No- I- We can't leave- I need to find the men- I need to find the ones that brought me here- They'll know where mother is.

*The she-wolf's ears flatten against her neck as they let out a guttural growl. The torches embedded in the walls of the room reignite and the whispering returns but this time the flames in the torches and the candles in the skulls are hot and vibrant. The she-wolf quickly returns to Sage's side, craning their neck around her protectively.*


*Crystal is immediately distracted, looking amazed and excited. Ink instantly looks stunned, as if a feeling of dread has overtaken him. Very, very slowly, the rebellious, late teen turns his head and meets Fell's gaze.*

Alesa: oooohhhh, somebody's in trouble.

*What happens in the next split second can only be described as chaos. Crystal picks up the little lion cub to show to the blaster with joy in her eyes, only for Ink to jump to his feet and launch Crystal up to sit on his shoulders. Crystal is squealing with joyful giggles as she hangs onto the lion cub simba-style whilst Ink holds onto her legs and bolts from the scene.*

*Alesa makes a face which can only be recognised as a mix of confusion, mild panic and astonishment.*

Alesa: I've got to hand it to them, he's quick and pretty flexible. You're on your own with this one, old man, all I got is fire magic so...


*Ripper cracks an eye open, pupil narrow and animalistic.*

Ripper: I'll bite you.


*Robin raises a hand to his face, scratching at the corners of his mouth, attempting to process this. He eventually lets out a rattley breath.*

Robin: I see...

*He swallows, adjusting his collar.*

Robin: Well uh... actually I really, really don't... I'm feeling rather overwhelmed but that's alright, this will pass. I think...

*He digs around in his inventory, taking out a notepad and a pen.*

Robin: Right uh... Horror, do you mind if you sit with me for a while in my... In what I believe is my apartment? I want to try to make sense of everything or at least write everything down to reflect on. I can make some tea or hot chocolate for you and Geno too if you would like? As compensation for your time.

*Geno jumps up and down, practically bursting with excitement.*


Robin: Ah- um- Sure-! Though most of my books are ones I used as references for university so I'm not sure how interesting you'll find- ah-

*Geno has already ran inside, crashing onto the fluffy rug and opening a book on psychology.*

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Spade - Dec 1st 2021 19:42

*Potato doesn't answer immediately. Her gaze is on the door, more specifically, it's on her mask. There's been no change to the mask since it was placed there, the symbol on it continuing to shift an change every few seconds. She seems relieved by this.*


*Turning her head to look back at Fiji, the chaos-bound deity nods.*

Potato:...Okay. Just... If it's really bad....

*Potato trails off, not certain how to finish that sentence.


*Sighing quietly, Gaster nods, recalling the ordeal with William.

Gaster:I... I know it isn't, but it's one of the only safe places right now. Things.... Things will get better in the future. One way or another things will get better, even if it doesn't seem like it right now.

*Gaster falls silent for a moment, glancing back into his room with a frown before turning to face Grell and Tom again.

Gaster:Is there.... Anything I could grab for either of you? To keep entertained? Or... Are you hungry? Thirsty?


*Captain seems tense. Not from Sheep's revelation.... Well, perhaps partially from that, but also from admitting his past deeds to the Monster that is his father. At least.... The Monster he believes is his father.


*Captain eventually sits down, but his posture is rigid. Awkward, even. He manages to speak, after a moment.

Captain:......I.... I Highly Doubt That You Are The Reason That Our World Turned Out The Way It Did. No Matter What Your Past Profession Was.


*Coco shrinks away from a nearby skull and Cross is immediately on guard at the change. The specter and skeleton's hands itch to summon a weapon. A bone attack. Anything to feel even a tiny bit more secure than they are now. This place.... Right now, it feels like a trap about to snap down an all of them.

Cross:Sage. I don't think this is the best place to look...!


Nightmare:You heard me.

Night:I-Is there any way to fix it?!


Night:N.... Nightmare? Th-There's a way to fix it... R-Right?


Night:R.... Right?

*Nightmare's continued silence make's Night's metaphorical heart drop. The small skeleton begins to tremble, not noticing or caring that the room around him is starting to spin as he panics. It's only when a migraine (the equivalent of being physically slapped) hits him out of nowhere does he finally breathe.

Nightmare:-the, Night! Just breathe!

Night:Wh..... What?

Nightmare:You were shutting down. Just focus on breathing right now. Slow breaths. Just listen to me....

*It takes a few minutes, but after a few deep breaths, along with Nightmare counting down between each intake, Night is calm enough to continue.

Night:How.... How did you get Dream out before...?

Nightmare:I didn't. He got himself out.... Though it took a few centuries.


Nightmare:What did I say about breathing?


Nightmare:Panicking right now won't help, little prince. As much as I enjoy negativity... I wouldn't recommend creating any more than necessary right now. With the balance being shifted... It'll only make things harder, as much as I hate to admit.

Night:Is... Is there any way we can at least reach Dream?

Nightmare:....maybe. I'd have to test a few things at least. If he's stone once more.... He may be dreaming.


Nightmare:As I said, I need to check. For right now, little prince, you need to breathe. Focus on...

*Nightmare groans slightly.

Nightmare:I can't believe I'm saying this.... You need to focus on what's positive. Happy memories and garbage like that.

*Night stares blankly ahead for a moment, processing Nightmare's words. After a minute, he quietly snorts.

Night:"H... Happy memories and garbage like that"...?



*Fell only shakes his head, watching Ink for a second before letting out a tired sigh. He doesn't seem angry, just mildly annoyed. Has he.... Dealt with something like this before?


*Fell's blaster looks between Ink's retreating form and Fell. They seem confused that their summoner hasn't sent them after the trio, but that confusion suddenly melts away into realization when a red aura surrounds the area around Fell.

*The blaster moves behind Alesa when thin red tendrils of pure magic rise and shoot after Ink, Crystal, and the anomaly. Quicker than Alesa or Ink can blink, the red tendrils have wrapped around Ink, Crystal, and the anomaly. The three are pulled away from each other and instead pulled toward Fell. Crystal and the anomaly are held up higher than Ink for... Some reason. The grip of the attack isn't tight enough to be painful, but just enough to be secure. Like a seatbelt.


*....don't you want to get into some mischief? Maybe mess with some of the humans and monsters around here?

*If not.... I could try to rope that other crobbit into helping...

*Despite Geno's enthusiasm, along with the promise of free food, Horror seems hesitant. For someone who has presumably been ripped from existence, Robin is taking it... Well? If he snaps from the stress.... Horror isn't sure he wants to be nearby.


*Eye-light darting between Robin, the door, and Geno, Horror eventually nods. It wouldn't be fair to leave this new monster to try and figure everything out alone.

Horror:.......alright. Just... Leave the door open.

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SchemingWeasel - Dec 3rd 2021 21:34

*Fiji huffs, clasping one of his paws in the other and fiddling with his torch.*

Fiji: If it's really bad then I will deal with it. We will deal with it. I've been a doctor for years, I've seen a lot of horrifying sh*t. I don't want to jinx it but if it's been okay for this long then I can probably handle it. Trust me. Let's just get this over and done with so I can get on with it. Enough talking and dodging it.


*Grell gives Gaster a long look before glancing away again. They look uncomfortable and on-edge. Although she manages to glare daggers into the floor and act tough, her voice still sounds raspy, strained and somewhat afraid.*

Grell: some kind of weapon... you're both pathetic. If he comes to kill us then only I can stand half a chance holding him off, even in this state...

*She subtly raises her hand to her chest, pulling her coat closer around her to hide her bloodying bandages.*

Tom: I don't think that fighting anything is a good idea...

Grell: Are you saying you don't trust me to protect you?

Tom: I'm saying I don't trust you with a weapon right now.

*Tom grits his teeth, clearly agitated, but he quickly shakes his head and mutters an apology. Grell looks less apologetic, seeming to only quietly seethe in anger.*

Tom: You're hurt and- and your head isn't right! I'm scared you're going to hurt dad or- or me... I've finally found my family again but you're all so... different. You might look the same now but you're not the same person that I knew. The Grell I knew would never put her family or herself at risk. You're not my sister.

*Grell glares at Tom for a moment longer before their expression creases in worry and they break eye-contact. They shuffle their head into their shoulders and hold onto their arms in shame. They fall silent now.*


*Sheep shakes his head, shamefully looking away.*

Sheep: No you don't understand... It, the disgusting things I did, it has no right to be called a "profession". I was the one that set off the chain reaction. Did you think monsters just went bad because of being trapped underground? No... It was me... See I... I fought in the war. Sort of... I might have never been on the battlefield but I did pull some of the strings from the side-lines. I knew that the monsters would lose the war, I wasn't thick, but I was young- about your age- with a head full of violent tendencies and bloodlust. I wanted the humans to pay for what they had done to my own parents, your grandparents, and if that meant taking them from the battlefield and torturing them as my own prisoners then so be it.

*He struggles to swallow, feeling slightly sick at the thought.*

Sheep: That was how I figured out the powers of the human soul. One particular captive of mine, one that refused to tell me anything, refused to die, lead to my first exposure to determination...

*After some moments of silence, he takes a steadying breath and clasps his hands together against his lips, eyes downcast as if shamed by the memories alone.*

Sheep: On the battlefield I didn't fight for either side, not human nor monster. I fought for myself and I would... I would do terrible, terrible things to the ones that got in my way. They gave me a name, they did... Even if they didn't know who or what I was... Only the queen knew of me, of who I was and back then she was disgusted... rightfully so...

*He clenches his jaw, lowering his hands into his lap.*

Sheep: The soldiers... Although they didn't know my real identity, they spoke my nickname with quivering tongue... They called me The Doctear.


*Sage pushes the she-wolf's head aside, despite their yowl of alarm.*

Sage: No! I came to find out who I am! I want to find out what's causing all this and- and if you don't want to be here then maybe you should go home!

*She looks startled by her outburst, immediately apologetic, but before she can even get close to an apology, the room plunges into darkness. When it turns light again, Sage is missing from the group.*


*Crystal squeals in joy as she's lifted into the air, the anomaly looks startled by the magic, scrabbling against its hold. Ink seems more concerned however, the monster visually seems to internally panic, turning to watch Fell with horror. Then, moments later, all that's left in the red magic is black ink that spills out and onto the non-existent floor before evapourating.*

*Alesa looks shell-shocked and terribly sick at the sight of this. She stumbles back, away from Fell, her face contorted in horror.*

Alesa: What the hell did you do!? What the hell was that- oh my god-

*She turns away, hiding her face in her hands.*

Alesa: That wasn't real... There's no way that was real...


*The crobbit goes to sit up but then groans, clearly hungover.*

Ripper: A certain other crobbit might convince me...


*Robin nods, heading on through into his apartment.*

Robin: If that's what you'd prefer then that's alright with me. Please, make yourself at home as... small as it might be. What would you like to drink, if anything? I'm going to make myself some tea.

Geno: Hot chocolate!!!

*Robin nods, smiling, he looks to Horror now with a raised eyebrow.*

Robin: And what can I get you?

Edited Dec 3rd 2021 21:34

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Spade - Dec 5th 2021 22:59

*Potato only nods, her hands tightly clasped in her lap.*

*When Fiji shines his torch into Potato's socket, it takes a minute to comprehend what exactly he's seeing.*

[*Body horror warning!!!*]
[*Really bad medical descriptions warning!!!*]

*To put it into simple terms.... There's almost nothing remaining of the original eye. Perhaps a few bits of damaged muscle here and there, but that's about it. Bone is exposed in some areas, a few parts looking almost.... Scorched. It's a miracle that the socket itself hasn't collapsed, though considering she mentioned something about having regeneration... It's not too shocking.*

*Speaking of regeneration, looking a moment longer will show that the area is still trying to heal, trying to replace the missing eye. Any progress that is made soon shrivels away though, as any new muscles created and areas that start to heal become quickly become discolored, flaking away into ash and fading into nothing as it falls. The degeneration happens as quickly as the regeneration*

* long has she had to live with this...? Regenerative abilities or not, that has to hurt.*

*Gaster looks.... Rather uncomfortable to be in the middle of this argument. Quietly clearing his throat, or at least making a noise that sounds like doing such, the skeleton monster gestures towards the inside of his room.

Gaster:Tom. Grell. We... should continue this conversation inside. Grell... I believe I have something to show you. Hopefully it will help ease your worries some.

*Meanwhile, Max is approaching Gaster's door. The large blaster saw Tom leave the infirmary.


*Captain is silent while Sheep speaks, his face carefully blank. His only reactions are the occasional nod or his sockets widening momentarily.

*When Sheep finishes, Captain remains silent for a few minutes, mulling over this new information. Eventually, he sighs, pinching the space between his sockets.

Captain:So Let Me Get The Straight. You Participated In The War As A Sort Of... Neutral Party. You Were Young, Having Recently Lost Your Parents Due To The Humans, And Dealing With The Grief Of That On Top Of Untreated Violent Tendencies.

*Captain looks back at Sheep.

Captain:You, Who At The Time Was A Young Monster Who Had Just Lost His Family And Probably Didn't Have The Chance To Properly Grieve, Took Your Anger And Sorrows Out On Humans And Monsters Alike During The War. The Same War That Sealed Monster Underground And Left Anyone And Everyone Who Battled In The War With /High Levels Of LV/ And Probably A /Large Dose Of PTSD/. And Yes, I Know What That Is.

*Captain takes a deep breath before continuing.

Captain:And At The Same Time, While You Were Fighting In The War And Given The Name The Doctear, The Queen Knew. The Queen, Toriel, Knew It Was You And Did Nothing. She Did Not Try To Confront You, Nor To Talk To You, Nor To Stop You From Continuing. She Just Judged You For Your Actions Without Intending To Do Anything.

*Captain sighs, deadpanning at Sheep.

Captain:....I Am Still Confused As To How You Alone Would Have Caused The Underground To Be So Violent. What You Did Could Have Been Stopped, One Way Or Another, But No One Did Anything. Not Even The Monster Who Knew It Was You.


*Cross lets out a series of swears when the lights turn off, his volume increasing when the lights return to reveal Sage is gone.


*Coco flys across the room to where Sage was only moments ago, eyes wide and his expression fearful.


*Both skeleton and specter start to search the area to see if they can find any hint as to where Sage is. The movements are frantic.


*Fell stares at the spot where Ink melted for a long moment, eye twitching slightly. He let's out a heavy sigh, shaking his head and turning his attention to Alesa.

Fell:It was real. I nearly had a SOUL attack when he did it the first time. I... Probably should tell Rose that Ink can turn And teleport. He... He shouldn't be far from here.

*Fell falls silent for a moment as he recalls Ink's health. He looks worried.


*Quickly shanking his head, Fell turns his attention back to Crystal. Once within arm's reach, Fell takes Crystal into his arms, the tendril of magic that had grabbed her disappearing. He doesn't release the anomaly, though. He stares at it, frowning slightly.


*Turning his attention back to Crystal, Fell grins, momentarily forgetting that he doesn't look like himself.

Fell:Having fun, kid?


*Maaaaybe. Just gotta find her and try convincing her first.

*Want some water?

*Horror shuffles into the apartment behind Robin, tucking his hands into his pockets.

Horror:Just some water 's fine. Thanks.

*SB squeaks at Horror and Robin before heading off towards another door.*

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