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Started by bbgun50 , Nov 28th 2017 11:53

bbgun50 - Nov 28th 2017 11:53

Hey guys I'm here to start a digimon (Digital Monster) RP after realising that their aren't actually that many Digimon RP going around, so I'm just gonna lay down some simple rules and then talk about what to do with character templates:

1. Please write in third person Descriptive, the usual * gets on some people's nerves and this seems to be thr most common way people RP.

2. Keep it Friendly both in RP and Out of character, we can all be friends I promise!

3. Have fun with this!, it's gonna be a RP about Computer monsters so I don't mind if it gets a bit weird or campy with the 'power of friendship conquers all' (Within reason of course).

And now for thr characters, I'm just gonna post a simple template for it and you can follow it or if you want make your own template what's more descriptive and in depth:

Name: Insert Here
Age: Insert here (Keep it between Young child to adolescent)
Personality: Insert here (No need to be that in depth, though if you want too your completely free too)
Appearance: Insert (Either Describe the looks or post a Image)
Bio: Insert here (This is more of a Optional thing, you can fill it if you want but if you like you don't have too snd then slowly reveal your characters past during the RP)

Digimon: Insert here (Now this is the hard one, I'd like you too be varied with what you pick so that everyone doesn't have repeat copies of the same digimon. Also as a slight warning you will not get your digimon partner straight away)
Digimon Personality: Insert here (Be brief with it, this RP will mostly focus on the Character Development)

Anyway, Let's have a bunch of fun with this (hopefully this RP doesn't Die though)

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bbgun50 - Nov 28th 2017 12:08

Name: Casey Parkins
Age: 14
Personality: Impulsive, Hot Headed, Excitable
Appearance: Look at Pic
Bio: Discover in RP

Digimon: Kamemon
Personality: Polite, Helpful, Kind Hearted

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