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xavarrkha replied to DeathComes's topic

Kitsune noticed an immense amount of insects. It didn't particularly care for insects. It figured the bugs were after the humans, so standing completely still and estimating about how many of these bugs were swarming in the immediate area wouldn't hurt.

Nov 4th 2018 02:01


xavarrkha replied to Okami's topic

((Fine with it..))

Nov 2nd 2018 17:00


xavarrkha replied to Okami's topic

Character Sheet:
Picture of Character: Below
Name: Flowey/Asriel Dreamurr (goes by Asriel)
Age: Asriel is in teenage years I guess.
Gender: male
Original Universe: Undertale but with Gaster as Alphys. And a few minor tweaks.

Biography and Personality: HIS PAST IS WAY TOO MUCH TO WRITE. There's tons of Wikipedia pages on him.

His adoptive sibling (Chara) died and then he died and came back as a flower who tries to kill everyone multiple times until he becomes the "absolute GOD of Hyperdeath" and then poof he's in Arcadia before getting a chance to destroy the Underground.

He is easily embarrassed, which probably comes from his old self (a kid.) He is a negative dark-humored person and after living in Arcadia for a month has lost hope in his plans and wants to return to being Flowey so he can (possibly) return to Undertale. But he can't find a way to do that... He's always grumpy and hates pretty much everyone. He doesn't like to talk about his past. Dumb people make him angry and his past makes him sad.

Star Blazing (star shaped bullets that he can summon)
Chaos Slicer (magic swords...)
Shocker Breaker (rainbow lightning)
Hypergoner Timeline Destroyer (broken in Arcadia, but it could destroy timelines in Undertale. a useless goat version of Sans's 'Gaster Blasters.')

Strengths: He can't be damaged by physical attacks. He has no soul in Arcadia, so he is immune to soul manipulation and stuff like that.

Weaknesses: Memories of Chara. Being teased about the whole 'God of Hyperdeath' thing. Some guilt about killing Asgore, but not much. He's overconfident and doesn't yet semi-understand kindness and that sort of stuff. Words hurt him.

Romanceable: no.
Other: none.

Nov 2nd 2018 16:49

Video Game Crossover

xavarrkha replied to albinotanuki's topic

Flowey watched the fighting. With immense joy. Maybe the surface would tear itself apart? Like Burgerpants and Bratty and Catty. He did not like the chill, so he decided to watch from afar.

Nov 2nd 2018 15:28


xavarrkha replied to DeathComes's topic

Kitsune could hear a screech and the sound of something heavy and old turning. It walked a bit faster towards the coordinates. It guessed it was the ferris wheel. Kitsune wondered what the humans were doing.

Nov 1st 2018 20:45