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Bewildered hotel employee at a furry con

scout replied to scout's topic

[ This is a roleplay where I am a confused security guard, confused with why there are so many smelly folks in 'Disney costumes'. The pic below is my reference. ]

"Why are there so many disney mascots congregated inside the hotel conference room? And why are they all grooming children?" The security guard asked.

Sep 20th 2021 20:04

Chinese Restaurant In The Hood RP

scout replied to scout's topic

The frumpy female Chinese restaurant owner stands behind the counter, waiting for a customer.

Sep 7th 2021 16:36

Smash Brothers Roleplay

scout replied to scout's topic

I enter the venue and smell an awful stench.

Sep 7th 2021 16:33

~LORDS OF THE LOCKER ROOM RP~ Gachimuchi Pantless

scout replied to scout's topic

Billy Herrington: taken by @scout
Van Darkholme: open
Kazuya: open
Ricardo Milos: open

Sep 7th 2021 02:30

Garfield 'Drive' RP.

scout replied to scout's topic

Looking for female roleplayers willing to play as Liz, while I play as Jon Arbuckle who is Ryan Gosling in this thriller RP.

Sep 7th 2021 02:20