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rosetum replied to fig's topic

|| dude sAME i couldnt write for my life last year ||

May 12th 2019 10:48


rosetum replied to fig's topic

|| aH good times

i miss but its pretty much dead now

f ||

May 12th 2019 10:44

The Contributions {REBOOT}

rosetum replied to rosetum's topic

| I lub him so much omg,, accepted!! |

May 11th 2019 22:50

The Contributions {REBOOT}

rosetum replied to rosetum's topic

Name: Marigold Woodsen

Age: 16

Sexuality: Pansexual

Experimentalist or Contribution: Contribution, can alter/grow plants to her will (pretty much can control earth as an element), can speak to animals/plants (any other non-verbal living thing)

Personality: (interpret in the rp because im lazy oOP)

Bio: For Marigold, she can't remember anything from before she was nine years old. The only memory she can recall is being thrown into a metal box. But whenever she mentions this to someone they say that she probably "ate something funny". Right...

•Works at a flower shop in the center of Fairhaven
•Absolutely loves cats, she has two that live at the flower shop she works at which is owned by her "parents"
•Barcode located on the inside of her wrist

Appearance: Marigold is a slightly tall girl, standing at 5'7. Being tall comes with also being lanky, so she kind of looks like an oversized noodle with light pink hair. She has big warm brown eyes that look like they know something you don't, complimented with thick lashes.

May 11th 2019 22:04

The Contributions {REBOOT}

rosetum replied to rosetum's topic

A group of people were found to be a contribution to society, not someone who helps another on the sidewalk, not somebody who picks up trash on the sidewalk... Someone that can bend water. Someone that can cure cancer.. But, the scientists, doctors, and experimentalists don't know how to work with these powers, so they put that group of especially talented people in a fake town called Fairhaven, which is pretty much just a metal box that looks like a quaint town they call home. Some people in there start acting strange and spontaneously disappear... Is there more to Fairhaven than the citizens thought? If so, how will they hide the fact that they know to prevent disappearing from society themselves?

(Also, it doesn't have to be included with your appearance but every contribution has a barcode on their body somewhere.)
If the character sheet is liked, it is accepted! Please tell me if I do not respond to your character sheet within a certain amount of time, I might have read it and forgotten to like it! ^^;
>DO NOT god mod, everyone needs to be fair when fighting, practically being immortal is not that!
>Romance is very much allowed! Just don't do the hoo-hah here, take that to pm
>Please try to not do one-liners! They are hard to respond to, and we want to move on with the roleplay. Please try to write at least 6 sentences.
>Do not put all the attention on your character, everyone needs the spotlight equally



Sexuality: (Opt)

Experimentalist or Contribution: (If contribution, tell what you can do. You can do a maximum of two things.)


Bio: (Opt)


Appearance: (Picture preferred, cartoon/anime pictures are also preferred, also include where your barcode is on your body)
•These people know of their powers, but they think that they are normal for everyone, so contributions refer to their powers as talents.
•If you have read this far, write at the top of your character sheet "Clairo"
@innocent and @fig are admins so they can accept your character sheet or deny it

May 11th 2019 21:51