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New species found in cave

kellieann replied to kellieann's topic

A spelunker, cave explorer, falls down a trap door chute in a cave into subterranean position. Caught by something before falling deeper into an abyss. Its a life form, movable metallic vines. Part animal, vegetable, and mineral. Does it help the human? Or keep it captive to learn about it? Or something else?

Dec 6th 2023 10:31

Kidnapped into a cult

kellieann replied to kellieann's topic

Our characters are both kidnapped and forced to work in fields all day . its a cult like commune. We try to figure out a way to escape.

Dec 6th 2023 10:15

What happened last night?

kellieann replied to kellieann's topic

Add me as a friend and we can do it.

Nov 25th 2023 23:53

Reverse slavery

kellieann replied to kellieann's topic

Accept my friend request and we can.

Sep 25th 2023 08:38

Psych ward doctor is really a psycho.

kellieann replied to Kristy's topic

You want to take my character on as a patient?

May 23rd 2023 08:19