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Kidnapper & Victim [RP]

kellieann replied to NHarold's topic

Kidnap me. I posted embarrassing pictures of your sister. And you want revenge.

Sep 28th 2020 09:22

Truth or dare revenge

kellieann replied to kellieann's topic

A few of us girls were playing truth or dare in our dorm. If we do a truth we take a shot. Winner is last one to fall asleep .the other girls are sleeping. Just you and I are left. We are rivals and I just made you do a disgusting act in front of me. I can't have any more to drink or I'll vomit, so I say dare. And I have to run around the dorm building naked. I'm drunk enough to do it I can't let her win. I strip at the bottom of the stairs and run outside. It takes about a minute but I get back just before a group of guys are walking back from a party. I find the door locked and you smiling at me as you gather up my clothes and take them upstairs. I turn around and 6 drunk guys are staring at me and taking pictures on their phones. How do I get revenge on you?

Sep 19th 2020 15:25

I'm the bitch that stole your guy

kellieann replied to kellieann's topic

I'm the bitch that stole your true love. What you going to do about it? Cry?

Sep 19th 2020 15:06

Captured angel

kellieann replied to kellieann's topic

You meet an unusual woman. Her eyes seem to look right through you. You are intrigued. You follow her at a distance. You see her being boxed in by cars and agents jump out to grab her. She catches your eyes. Before you know it, the two of you change places. You are overpowered and captured in her place. Locked up, examined and interigated, you know nothing and. Play dumb.while in custody, she appears to you in a dream.then what?

Aug 18th 2020 12:33

revenge with a twist

kellieann replied to kellieann's topic

I'm your co-worker who stabbed your back and got the promotion you deserved. after a month of being ordered around by me you hatch a plan. you fix up a farmhouse you inherited and turn a storage room into a jail cell in the basement. when you get the opportunity, you try to lock me in the trunk of your car. I fight back but I bump my head really hard and lose cosciousness. you load me in the trunk, take me to the farmhouse basement and lock me in the cell. when I come to I have amnesia. I don't even remember who I am.

Aug 7th 2020 08:41