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Psych ward doctor is really a psycho.

kellieann replied to Kristy's topic

You want to take my character on as a patient?

May 23rd 2023 08:19

Reverse slavery

kellieann replied to kellieann's topic

Somehow history was changed. The Egyptian empire continued to develop .there was no roman empire. The mayflower never made it to Plymouth rock. Africa became the world power. Technology and cities. The darker skinned ones were running things . Caucasian slaves were captured in England and Ireland. They were taken from their villages, and shipped in chains to work as slaves, all around the world. My character is a pale skinned, petite one and loaded onto the auction block.

Sep 15th 2022 08:44

Animal, vegetable, and mineral.

kellieann replied to Beatrissita's topic

Metallic plant person? Ok

Sep 13th 2022 13:45

Demon Slayer anyone?

kellieann replied to LetsMakePrettyDreams's topic


Aug 5th 2022 09:04

Amnesia epidemic

kellieann replied to kellieann's topic

An organization has developed a serum that can make any individual develop complete amnesia. It is targeting individuals and creating chaos. You are next on their list, why you? Do you wander around confused? Find out who you were? Are you able to expose the plot?

Jul 15th 2022 13:28