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lookin for long-term rp partners !

cowboy_ replied to cowboy_'s topic

howdy ! th name's cowboy. i'm lookin for a few roleplay partners/pals interested in long-term, literate roleplays.

⤀ i only play male characters (
⤀ i mainly play ocs, but crossovers are totally cool with me ! i don't even need to be familiar with your fandom, just fill me in on the basics, or even just surprise me
⤀ i enjoy a variety of genres; war, paranormal, horror, western, drama, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, n more !
⤀ i am very chill n friendly
⤀ i am not picky about length, just as long as you give somethin for me to work with

if you're interested, go ahead n add me ! i accept everyone.

May 5th 2021 20:19