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bsbunny replied to bsbunny's topic

Looking for new rps, if you’re going to leave whenever you don’t like something/be rude however, dont bother messaging me.

I’m very laid back Nd will try my best to work with you, just please keep the amount of respect at a decent level.

Jun 25th 2019 16:50


bsbunny replied to bsbunny's topic

Again, I’m Bunny.

Just looking for more rp partners. Fast replies and I do my very best to be literate and match responses!

May 22nd 2019 19:31

Just putting myself out there?

bsbunny replied to bsbunny's topic

Hey there, I’m Bunny! Or Brown Sugar, which ever you like saying.

Any who, I’m looking for a few new roleplay partners. My account doesn’t get a lot of popularity but I’m hoping someone takes interest in my characters.

I can try and match my partner’s length to my fullest ability, especially if I enjoy the roleplay, so please don’t be afraid to contact me about details and such!

Thank you! ~ Love bsbunny.

Apr 14th 2019 02:28

Well, hello. Rp anyone?

bsbunny replied to bsbunny's topic

Im not very new to this site but, apparently my new account isn’t very popular...or likable? i don’t know, anyways, if anyone would like roleplay, just add me and shoot me a message!

Apr 4th 2019 23:59