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First post! :D

bones40 replied to bones40's topic

Hello! I'm not quite sure how to work this site, but I thought I'd just drop a line here!!

I'm Blair and I've been writing short stories and roleplaying since 2013! I used to use Tumblr but the community is atrocious..
I prefer to roleplay as William Afton (FNAF) and Waylon Park (Outlast), and I enjoy dark themes (if the sources weren't clear enough lol) - drama, violence, horror, psychological stuff. I could talk about these characters for hours and there's almost nothing better than discussing stories and events! So hmu if you're into that sort of thing.
I do have a few ocs but I'm quite shy about them.. maybe I'll post about them later! But for now, I want to keep it to my main two. I don't mind doing crossovers!

Anyways!! I also have a Discord I'll give out if I feel like we've got something good going on.
Feel free to comment if you want to bang something out!

Apr 16th 2019 14:29