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Deaf-blind Brother

albinotanuki replied to albinotanuki's topic

Loosely based off of a Modern AU Dororo fanfic I wrote.

A young boy gets adopted into a new family and meets his brother who is blind and deaf.

This is basically a slice-of-life story with a bit of drama thrown in. Any takers?

13 hours ago

so guys whats up

albinotanuki replied to KittyLord's topic

Hi Kittylord.

14 hours ago

sooooo. hi.

albinotanuki replied to sadpotato's topic

I recommend watching "Dororo". It's an anime series you can find on Youtube. The premise is a little strange and it's a bit violent, but it's good otherwise.

Jun 16th 2019 21:12

Song Suggestions?

albinotanuki replied to sadpotato's topic

You could listen to the soundtrack to "Hadestown". Here's a sample:

Jun 16th 2019 21:10


albinotanuki replied to Sugarcane's topic

I hate it when someone wants to rp with me just to simulate sex. I mean, I'll do sex scenes if they serve the purpose of a story, but other than that, if you're only wanting sex, I'm not interested.

Jun 16th 2019 21:06