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Ranting a bit

I'm sure this doesn't fit ooc but if it gets deleted then I'll know my answer. Ok so about an hour ago, I encountered someone. I was looking forward to RP'ing with them too. She sent me a friend request and I accepted. She sends me a message saying How am I doing. At that point I'm feeling sick or at least a bit more sick for me to reply so I got slow in my reply, or would have. Not even 15 minutes later I get blocked. Sent me a second message which I don't even know what it entailed cause by that point I'm already blocked. I just found it to be rude so never got a chance to apologize or anything of the sort so just found it quite rude of them. Not gonna out them specifically but yeah that's pretty annoying. I may be slow at replies so I'm sorry for those that know me but that just annoys me a lot that you can't wait for a response or even wait to see if I'm not as fast a replier as I can be at times.

Jan 12th 2022 16:24