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The New Kingdom rebootish and remake 3.0

Wizzy_Wizzard replied to Rt19's topic

Name: Umbra Et Albus
Gender: Male
age: 19
Sexuality: Straight
Magic: Ice Magic
Weapons: Dagger
Personality: he's a pretty sarcastic ass hole with the inability to take most things seriously. he hardly comes off as the 'princely' type
History: umbra received the nickname 'cursed prince' as his magic is a constant, it can't be turned off although he does control the intensity of the ice. but any physical contact will cause a 'frost burn' as he calls it. because of this he has to wear leather gauntlets all the time that prevent his magic from hurting anyone. because of his horrific nickname whenever he leaves the castle, or rather his room, he wears a scarf and hat to prevent people from knowing who he is.
Other: he's a prince lol

Jul 8th 2018 19:04

Don’t Die High School (Redo)

Wizzy_Wizzard replied to Snail's topic

Name: Umbra Et Albus
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Cambion
Student or staff: Student
Grade: Sophmore (i don't understand grades, just took what your character is using lol)
Weapon/Power: two arms that sprout from his back, both of them slightly transparent. The one on his left is black and the one on his right is white. Both of these are pretty durable and they allow him to lift himself up and throw himself around. they can be broken, but instead of taking time to heal they simply depart from his back and dissolve. he then needs to literally grow another one, this rips apart his back and obviously causes him a lot of pain
Personality: he is a very sarcastic a**hole who really doesn't care who he's talking to. he'll engage in fights if provoked but he doesn't really go looking for them too often but his personality usually makes it so he's in them quite frequently.
Other: i really don't have anything to put here, so he likes dead memes? i guess
Height: 5'8
Weight: 118.0 lb
Appearance: "edgy anime dude" in google

Jul 7th 2018 15:01


Wizzy_Wizzard replied to Wizzy_Wizzard's topic

(@KyuremFan646 to be blunt, seeing as thats how you like it, show some empathy or leave the rp. to call his entire reply essentially sh*t is just rude, i'll call this warning one. you get three)

May 28th 2018 15:07


Wizzy_Wizzard replied to Wizzy_Wizzard's topic

(alright everyone is accepted)

he was going about his general daily duties. going to the store, grabbing food etc. but he was knocked over rather suddenly, not by anything in particular. he had grown exhausted rather suddenly. he sat down to take a breather and felt pain from his left hand and noticed a small tidal wave forming, of course it was a tattoo but as it formed his head went all fuzzy and it was almost like he could see an arrow on the ground telling him where to go. naturally he followed this arrow to cure his own curiosity.

upon reaching this abandoned factory, his head stopped hurting and the pain in his had had also stopped. he entered. the factory as it was too late to just turn away. upon getting inside it was filled with cabinets, each of them had separate names on them. all of them being that of a god but there was also a picture, one of them being of the tattoo that umbra had on his hand. he held the tattoo up to the picture and the cabinet flew open with a letter inside along with a trident

May 28th 2018 11:00


Wizzy_Wizzard replied to Wizzy_Wizzard's topic

(both accepted, and irl mythologies)

May 26th 2018 19:36