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Doom story

The_Doom_Slayer replied to The_Doom_Slayer's topic

Was wondering if anybody wants to do a Doom story. I would be The Doom Slayer and you could possibly be a fellow knight sentinel who survived and knew the slayer as a friend before the attacks at argent d'nur and met up with him to slay the demons and maybe find a way to escape hell.

I don't mind if there's more than 1 wanting to do this and maybe a love story with the doom slayer if one of the people joining is female.

Dec 29th 2018 14:22

Venom roleplay

The_Doom_Slayer replied to sw_oop's topic

Name: Jack Richards
Age: 24
Occupation / Social Status: Mercenary
Personality / Goals: Serious, Focused, Polite but only when he needs to be, Secretive, He just wants to get enough money so he can live a peaceful life.
Symbiote information: Symbiote's name is Venom. Has a black color.

Dec 26th 2018 13:59

♡Werewolf Romance!!♡

The_Doom_Slayer replied to GalaxyUniverse's topic

I'm down.

Dec 26th 2018 13:45

Creating an RP Group {Basic Interest Poll}

The_Doom_Slayer replied to dandelionkait's topic

Im down

Dec 23rd 2018 18:52

Video game crossover madness!

The_Doom_Slayer replied to Jabberwock's topic

I can handle him

Dec 23rd 2018 18:47