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Spencer Reid anyone?

TheMeridianSea replied to TheMeridianSea's topic

I need a Spencer Reid for a Criminal Minds roleplay! Anybody interested? If you're going to add me, just let me know on here so I can accept you!

Dec 10th 2016 23:36


TheMeridianSea replied to TheMeridianSea's topic

((please tell me on here if you're adding me so I know who to accept, OC WARNING!! If you want me to switch to third I can)) I had heard a lot about this place, and to be honest... while I didn't so much like people, I thought this place was exactly what I needed right now. Somewhere safe to recover, and hide, because Wisconsin wasn't exactly working out, not in the slightest. Which was why my body was covered in bruises (and some lacerations). At least here I should, theoretically, be mostly welcome. I shouldered the one small bag of stuff I had, and proceed to weakly knock on the door of a place called Kamartaj. However, I then have to sit down due to my injuries, only about half conscious. ((Set after the movie ends, I'd love it if you could please be Stephen Strange! If you'd like to roleplay elsewhere, my email is [email protected] and my Skype is poseidonsxdaughter I WOULD DEFINITELY MUCH PREFER NOT DOING THIS ON HERE BECAUSE MY WIFI SUCKS!)) ((Tana Harkness- her name literally means fire goddess. She's got pin straight reddish-auburn hair, down a little past her shoulders that, sometimes if the light hits right, looks like flames. She is 24. Her eyes are dark brownish gold, sometimes turning red, and for a good reason. If you piss her off her glare can be unsettling. When she was young she was pulled off the streets by Hydra, who was performing unethical biological gene splicing, combining human DNA with that of an animal. She was given sparrow DNA which caused her bones to become light and hollow, and wings to grow from her back. She only weighs about sixty to seventy pounds, but is perfectly healthy. She is the only known human to have survived these tests due to her pyrokinesis, which she was born with. It gives her the ability to create and have control over fire, ash/smoke, and heat. She is fairly untrusting of about ninety percent of people. She is very stubborn, and feisty. She tends to get into arguments easily, and quickly. They never seem to last long. She is also very protective of her artwork- she paints and sketches as a way to escape reality. She doesn't have any friends, because not many people are willing to overlook her abilities to get close enough to her.

Abilities- wings, which enable her to fly at superhuman speeds. Is, unfortunately, not as fast on the ground. Pyrokinesis.))

Nov 28th 2016 11:39

Numb3rs, Flashpoint, or Criminal Minds anyone?

TheMeridianSea replied to TheMeridianSea's topic

I added you back! Yeah, you can't message people on this site unless they're on your friends list.

Nov 26th 2016 22:15

Numb3rs, Flashpoint, or Criminal Minds anyone?

TheMeridianSea replied to TheMeridianSea's topic

Looking for a crime drama/angst/action/romance roleplay from one of those fandoms. Feel free to just add me, or contact me on email or Skype if you're interested!

Email: [email protected]
Skype: poseidonsxdaughter

If you use one of those please tell me you're from this site otherwise I'll have no idea where you got the contact info xD

Oct 17th 2016 16:58


TheMeridianSea replied to TheMeridianSea's topic

((OC WARNING! And if the only reason you are not interested is because I use first person, tell me, I will use third in my continued replies if you wish. Will be action/romance.)) I can't believe that I managed to get myself into this situation. Okay, actually, that's a lie. I totally can. It's not the first time I've been attacked, and it's not going to be the last, either. But if I play my cards right it'll be the last for at least a little while. I land in front of a mansion, several yards away, almost collapsing on the ground. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. That's a mouthful. But, I've heard of this place, a place for mutants. Maybe they'll be able to help me. Fix me up. Both seams where my wings connect to my back are torn and ragged, bleeding, it's a miracle I was able to fly. I say fly, I mean stay in the air, I almost passed out and fell out of the sky several times. But I have willpower and skin like an ice pack. And I finally made it. Somewhat. I made it to the front lawn, and I just can't go any further. So what do I do? I collapse. I'm still conscious, but, I don't think I'll be getting up very soon. Great. Now what, genius? Couldn't you have landed a little bit closer? I just have to hope someone finds me out here. ((If you are interested, I will happily tell you about my character! Her bio is too long to attach to the prompt. You can use any character you wish, either gender, INCLUDING OC's. I only ask they be 18+ as my OC is in her early 20's. If you would like to do this somewhere other than on this site, my email is [email protected] and my Skype is poseidonsxdaughter . And if this simply isn't your thing, have a great day ^^.))

ONE LAST THING- this is one on one only, so do not reply here unless it is to tell me you're adding me so we can do this on pm. THANK YOU!

Oct 2nd 2016 00:19