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Is this website dead?

TheGuyNextDoor replied to JonKent's topic

This place isn't really dead... but I wouldn't say it's 'living' either. The best way to have a ton of new partners is to "recycle" your account by starting a fresh account every six months or so. It would be nice if they had a "featured accounts" page where every week or so, some of the older pages got some time to shine like they used to. Almost 60 percent of the people on here have been vets of this site for a while. I've been here since I was like.. a freshman? So about five/six years? I've obviously had to recycle a few times.

Jul 17th 2020 09:04

Anyone else sick of romance?

TheGuyNextDoor replied to TheGuyNextDoor's topic

Okay, let me be super honest: I don't exactly love Romance. As a genre alone I honestly think it's boring and too predictable. Don't get me wrong, I suppose the same can be said about action or whatever... but I feel like for the amount of people that only seem to rp romance... They aren't... well... entertaining? I like suspense, I like weight. I want to be invested in the story! I haven't had a partner that makes romance fun or interesting in so long. Well. With an exception here or there of course.

Do you feel this way too? Or am I just an ass?

Jul 17th 2020 07:56

How to keep the creative flame going?

TheGuyNextDoor replied to MelatoninStars's topic

I know exactly how you feel. I'm a writer, and usually have no problem writing page after page. However ever since Corona had shut down a lot of my life, it's been harder for me to write. Sh*t, even writing this is kinda killing my motivation. What I've found works best for creativity is: Take moments and just stop. For a day or two, just smell the roses. Sure you can't do festivals or meet up and party; However you can see some dope sights. Get your imagination going by watching old movies or rereading old rps or books. Take this time to step back. Look back at what improvements you've made, and what you could still stand to improve on.

Or maybe I'm just an idiot. Please, don't mind me!

Jul 17th 2020 07:41

Serious Daddy needed

TheGuyNextDoor replied to loveherwild's topic

I'd love to help if I can! ^w^

May 23rd 2020 05:37