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Profile Background

Thalassophobic replied to Hunny's topic

Unfortunately, I've done that on a couple of the computers I've tried. And nothing changed. ='(

Mar 24th 2019 07:24

Profile Background

Thalassophobic replied to Hunny's topic

Same. I'm very particular about themes and the like.
I hope they resolve this soon or at least allow a way to just place a URL for the background image, as that should be able to easily rewrite what's in the coding of the site rather than host an uploaded space which costs more money in the long run. (Not sure how it's made up, but is usually a good way to implement this.)

UPDATE: The new background shows on my phone, but when I switch to desktop mode, it reverts to the old background. I'm wondering if switching between the versions is what's causing the bug.

Mar 24th 2019 00:37

Looking for long-term partner and RP buddy (mediev

Thalassophobic replied to Cute_Newt's topic

Are you into group roleplays? I ask because I'm really into world building and character central plots as well, but I'm not really into 1x1 RPs. If not, that's cool. I sent you a friend request as well. ^^

Mar 23rd 2019 20:39

Profile Background

Thalassophobic replied to Hunny's topic

I'm having this exact problem. Has there been a solution proposed about this?
I've gone to different computers, wiped the cache on all of them, and still it reverts to the old background.

Mar 23rd 2019 02:14

A Couple of Plots and Some Basic Outlines

Thalassophobic replied to Thalassophobic's topic

Hello! These are couple of plot bunnies that are kind of creating havoc in my brain. If you're interested in any of them, please let me know by either message or on this thread. I'll specify if they are meant to be small group, large group, or both. (I don't do 1x1 because my anxiety can only take so much stimulation from strangers in an isolated conversation)
I only ask that you be over the age of eighteen (sorry, but even if our characters are of adult age, I feel weird writing romance scenes or anything with romantic tension with someone not of age anymore), are able to write at least one paragraph (no hate to anyone who doesn't. It's just a personal preference), and are willing to keep out of character chat in its own thread (so as to not confuse anyone)

Swan Princess (group of 4 or more):
A princess of a far off, magical kingdom of the orient was born to two of some of the most well loved rulers.That's what makes it so surprising that she was cursed by a sorceress on the day of her birth. At first, it seemed like nothing had changed... until a man snuck into the royal palace and tried to steal the jade clips from her hair. His skin brushed against hers and suddenly, he was turned into a swan. Out of denial, the Emperor and Empress ignored it and kept going about their lives. It was only when her brother went to play with her did they admit that the curse was true after all. Losing the Crown Prince was irreparable and after many of the nobles pressured their rulers, the princess was sentenced to exile.
Only women were allowed to enter the small palace she was given and she was only allowed out at night so as to not draw unwanted attention. But what happens when a few people who heard the rumors of treasure attempt to sneak into the palace and get caught? Will the princess be lenient with them or will she sentence them to a fate more cruel than what her parents would give?
(Roles would be workers in the palace and the intruders, though I'm open to other suggestions as well)

Traumatic Powers: (group of 4-6)
A group of young adults find themselves recovering after very traumatic ordeals and are forced to stay in a regulated environment while they are free to continue their college studies, thanks to the new company that created the hospitals and the new university in the area. Some are more traumatized mentally while others are hurting more physically. All were either transferred there so it wouldn't hurt their future prospects or had earned admittance through referral or personal funding.
They're not completely aware in the beginning that something far more sinister is going on around them as their nights begin to do something quite odd. Another version of their world is beginning to bleed over into their reality, dragging them in where their disabilities manifest into their greatest strengths. Where once something was missing, another thing has taken form. But it comes at great cost. This other world has evil creatures that are intent on harming them and those that touch their reality. And if they're not stopped, the Other World may destroy the students' reality altogether.
Can this unlikely group of heroes band together to save existence as they know it? All while doing their studies? Or will they ultimately fail?

Other stuff I haven't thought too much of is medieval fantasy based settings dealing with dragons, magic, the apocalypse, etc. If you're more into adapting fandom things into an AU type of plot (like My Hero in college or Dragon Age with entirely new characters), I will be posting up a list of my fandoms later on as a blog post. You can propose something beforehand, of course, but the ones I will definitely play an AU of will be posted there.

Thanks for reading all of this! Hope to hear from you soon.

Mar 23rd 2019 01:38