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Human x merman rp (MxM)

Teratotally replied to Teratotally's topic

I'll add you!

Dec 1st 2021 10:18

Human x merman rp (MxM)

Teratotally replied to Teratotally's topic

18+ only
Semi lit/literate
Third person pov only

My oc Fritjöf is an electric eel but he has four eyes, just letting you know now so you won't be weirded out lol.

Your oc owns a book shop and loves reading.
He's noticed Fritjöf frequently comes in and leaves without buying anything. Then your oc starts watching him more carefully and realizes he's been stealing stuff.
At first your oc doesn't do anything because of kinda having a soft spot for him and also realizes Fritjöf isn't human because of his eyes.
But then your oc gets tired of it and finally confronts Fritjöf. He grabs his wrist and then points to a sign that says "smile, you're on camera" but then Fritjöf just looks at it all confused is like "idk man I don't know what that those symbols are."
So your oc is obviously confused af because it turns out the guy who's been stealing books can't even read.

Fritjöf just has had a crush on your oc but was afraid to talk to him since he knows your oc loves reading and he can't. So he's been trying to teach himself.

Nov 25th 2021 14:13

Non Human x Human

Teratotally replied to HenryCrybaby's topic

I could rp, if this is still open!

Nov 12th 2021 22:35

MxF, MxM

Teratotally replied to williecarter's topic

I'd be down if this is still open

Oct 15th 2021 23:58

Anyone up for male x male?

Teratotally replied to Teratotally's topic

Holy sh*t this post is old

Sep 18th 2021 11:27