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A bar at the edge of the Universe...

Stubbs replied to Stubbs's topic

Bob had the unfortunate problem of going under a hard system reboot every now and again, his mind shutting off so his cybernetics could do a quick diagnostic to make sure everything was still functioning... for the most part anyway.

Of course this time it happened mid-conversation, so Bob had just awkwardly stood there while the whole scene with the newcomer played out. By the time he awoke everyone was eyeing the newcomer like he was about to snap.

"Mmm, sorry about that. Mind goes blank sometimesssswhy does everyone look like they want to kill each other?"

Bob took a moment to take in the newcomer, raising an eyebrow at his weird hair color ('Whatever happened to normal colors?') and suit. He smelled vaguely of cigars and whiskey, and when he spoke Bob could detect an Irish accent. The cyborg's eyes came to rest on the AK-47, his mind flashing back to using such a rifle inside of a stone pyramid... on a mission to stop a sleeping god.

He shook his head, dismissing the memory.

"Oh hello there. Welcome to the Bar Between Worlds. Can I get you anything?"

((Sorry about my absence . I caught COVID and it damn near killed me, so I've been... inactive as of late.))

Jan 31st 2021 12:38

A bar at the edge of the Universe...

Stubbs replied to Stubbs's topic

Now that the situation had reverted back to normal, Bob relaxed. He wasn't too worried about being able to handle one zombie... after all, he's handled far worse.

He tried not to dwell on those memories though... especially now that he's found some semblance of peace, a concept that he almost wasn't familiar with after everything he's been through.

So instead he focused on the suffering of others!

"Oh I feel ya. Got so many scars, burns, and permanent injuries I can't even list them all. That's what happens when you fight off an alien invasion." He joked, before he turned to Dakota. "Now what about you my sharply dressed, slightly concerning friend? What's your world like that a businessman would come charging in here covered in blood and wielding a buzzsaw?"

Jan 1st 2021 21:18

A bar at the edge of the Universe...

Stubbs replied to Stubbs's topic

Ursula wasn't going anywhere in Bob's grip, his cybernetically enhanced muscles easily keeping the woman locked in his grip. There was a reason why the Mjolnir Battleroids were so terrifying to face on the battlefield after all.

Thankfully, much to his relief, Ursula's humanity seemed to return. He chuckled at her odd choice of insults.

"Says the pot to the kettle. We're both undead remember?"

He set the undead back down in her seat, the brass knuckles on his hand retracting back into his gauntlet. There was a reason why he never took off his battlesuit.

"Now then... no more of that okay?"

Dec 30th 2020 19:25

A bar at the edge of the Universe...

Stubbs replied to Stubbs's topic

Bob was content to let the two converse over Ursula’s ‘condition’, going back to organizing the bottles and cleaning a few mugs... up until he heard growling coming from Ursula.

In an instant, he went from Bob the friendly bartender right back to the Security Officer, slaughterer of hordes of aliens and the man who survived battling a god.

His hand immediately shot out and wrapped around her neck, pulling her away from Dakota and holding her in the air with an iron grip. Brass knuckles extended over his right hand, and he brought it up in a ready position, aimed right at the cowgirl’s face.

“Ursula... you gonna calm down or do I need to pulverize your skull?”

Dec 30th 2020 11:23

A bar at the edge of the Universe...

Stubbs replied to Stubbs's topic

Bob watched the two chow down on the omelets with gusto, raising an eyebrow underneath his bug-like visor. Ursula was like an open book, he could tell what was going on with her at a glance: Undead cowgirl. Short and simple. While he had some questions on how exactly that worked, he could probably guess.

Dakota was a different story... everything about his was puzzling to say the least. His appearance (minus the blood and gore) would suggest a businessman, but his choice of weapons as well as his psychopathic entrance to the bar didn't exactly paint a pretty picture to say the least.

All in all, his two newest arrivals were interesting. He decided to start with Ursula first, figuring her to be the safer bet.

"Y'know..." He started, leaning in her direction. "I'm undead myself. Resurrected as a cyborg... how'd you come back from the dead?"

Dec 28th 2020 14:19