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An Offer That Can't Be Refused

StealHeart replied to Spartan203's topic

Name: Donnie Gallo.

Gender: Male.

Age: 20

Lying, deception, marksmanship, driving,

Role: Undercover FBI agent.

Family: Salvati.

Rank: Associate.

Personality: Cautious

Biography: Donnie was born in Bronx, New York in the 1950s to a Italian family.

Place Of Birth: Bronx, New York.

Nationality: American-Italian.

Height: 5’7.

Eye Color: Blue-green-grey

Hair Color: Brown.

Picture/looks: “21” in my photo album “characters” if the picture does not work.

Car: 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE
Car Color: Silver
Car Picture Example:

Jan 6th 2021 23:24


StealHeart replied to StealHeart's topic

“Interesting.” Tommy decided to leave the girl alone. He turned and seen that Frankie had returned. “Glad to see your out of those old dirty rags.” He said as he walked over.

“Did you guys plan on doing anything? Maybe we could make like a safe house or something for survivors since not everyone is dead as I thought.” Robert said as he seen Frankie come back down stairs. Maybe just maybe there where others out there. And maybe they could help.

Jan 1st 2021 18:52

An Offer That Can't Be Refused

StealHeart replied to Spartan203's topic

Angelo slid the others their cut as they sat down. He nodded in appreciation as Mikey gave out drinks although he already had one.
Why would those dumb f***s put the body in the dumpster?
“Dumpster? You might of well just left the guy where you shot him. I hope you at least cleaned up all the evidence off him and in I presume his house.” Angelo said looking at Vince.

Antonio took the drink “Thank you Mikey.” He said as he leaned back in the chair. He looked at the guys he did the job with. He was just glad that he didn’t get stuck with digging a hole.

Vito took the drink and stood up. This wasn’t any of his business. “I’ll see you guys later.” He said walking off. He plans on getting some extra money on the side. Even if it wasn’t with his family. But nobody else needed to find out about it. He drank his drink, gave the glass to the bartender and walked outside to his car.

Alonzo continued to sit quietly. He fixed his cloths and smoothed his hair. His dark eyes watched the others carefully.
“See ya’ later Vito.” Alonzo said as he also stood up. He patted Vito on the shoulder as he was leaving.
Alonzo looked to the others before heading over and talking to one of the other guys to cheek on something. He soon returned and sat back down.

Tommy Sansica woke early as he always did. He took a shower and shaved before getting dressed. He lived in a fancy house not far from the Calafiore family’s restaurant so often he walked.
Tommy wore a red tie, white dress shirt, a black pinstripe suit with dark grey for the stripes. His pants where black along with his shoes.
He had parked his car at the restaurant last night and walked home. He had been being a little paranoid for no good reason. Maybe it was the feds. Either way he left the car at the restaurant so nobody would know that he was home.
Tommy had arrived at the restaurant about a hour ago. He was meeting with a guy that was supposed to do a job for him.

Vito drove to the Calafiore family’s restaurant where he parked outside and sat down with one of the Calafiore family’s top Caporegimes. Tommy Sansica. He handed over the money, got his share back and left as if never there. He began to drive back to the pub.

Jan 1st 2021 18:43

An Offer That Can't Be Refused

StealHeart replied to Spartan203's topic

Angelo sat silently for a moment before taking the money and counting it. He sorted out all four of the guys shares from what they had gave him. Mikey got a smaller share because he wasn’t a made guy yet. He himself kept a larger share. That’s how it worked after all.

Antonio finished cleaning the car and looked over to see Vito walking over. “Well, those arse holes made a mess in the damn car and I have to clean it up.” He said in a annoyed tone as he walked over closer to Vito.

Vito looked at Antonio then back to the car and the other two guys and back. “Ah come on, it couldn’t be that bad.” He said in his heavy Italian accent as he patted Antonio on the shoulder and looked inside the car. The red seats seemed to pay off well in this line of work.
“Well I’ll leave you to it.” He said to Vince and Mikey. He had the feeling that Antonio was going to bail on cleaning the car more and go inside.

Antonio and Vito headed inside and over towards Angelo.
Antonio sat beside of Alonzo and Vito sat next to Jimmy.
Vito handed over the money he got from the Hotel to Angelo.

Angelo slid Jimmy’s cut over to him then did the same to Antonio. Heard someone come in the door so he naturally glanced that way. He took the money given by Vito, quickly counted it and determined the share. He handed Vito his share back before looking back to Jimmy. “Where’s Vince and... Mikey?”

Dec 28th 2020 19:41


StealHeart replied to StealHeart's topic

Robert had put the paper in a bottom cabinet right before the food was done. He took both his and Roberts bowls and put them out on a table. He opened the door and motioned for Tommy to come inside.
“Mavis has made some food.” He spoke as he went back inside, sat down and enjoyed the meal. “Thank you Mavis!” Robert said in a cheery tone. It has been a long while since he ate food that had been cooked.

Tommy silently entered the building yet again. “grazie molto.” He said in a softer tone then he was speaking earlier. He noticed that she was writing, he wondered what but didn’t want to disturb her.

After they ate Robert took the dishes back in the kitchen before returning.
“I see you still have that old Lincoln. Lots of pre apocalypse memories in that car.” Tommy said with a light chuckle as he crossed his arms.
“Yea.” Robert responded simply.
“Surprised it still runs. I never understood what you and the guys liked about Lincoln’s so much.” Tommy arranged the stray strand of hair that had departed from the rest as he stood up.
Robert was slightly offended but decided not to say anything. He just stood there silently.

Tommy took note of Roberts silence and knew that he had hit a nerve. He liked to pick on Robert on occasion. He turned on the heel of his expensive shoes and approached Mavis.
“Sorry to disturb you.” He paused “I seen you writing and was curious.” Tommy said with a grin.

Dec 24th 2020 21:23