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Robert followed Frankie outside. He immediately felt like he was being watched. He ignored it and got in the driver seat of his antique car. He turned the key and the engine started with ease.

Tommy walked back in the back of the restaurant yet again, where he grabbed his Thompson machine gun and walked out behind the restaurant to his 2020 Maserati GranTurismo. He assumed that Mavis would ride with the other guys because she knew them slightly better.
Tommy drove the car out onto the street in front of the restaurant. Maybe it would be a good idea to get more fuel efficient cars to drive in these times. Tommy thought to himself as he pulled up beside of Roberts car.
“I’ll lead the way.” He said as he rolled down the window and made a motion with his hand.

As Christoph walked down the empty streets he stopped in his tracks when he heard a familiar sound. A car? It sounded close yet far. Where did they get fuel? He wondered as he looked in the direction of where he thought he heard the sound.

Feb 9th 2021 22:36

An Offer That Can't Be Refused

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Vito turned when he heard a familiar voice. Hearing the command, he nodded goodbye to the guys he was helping and headed over to the bosses car. He opened the passenger door for the boss before getting into the drivers seat and starting the car.

"See ya later to Mikey." Donnie said as Mikey walked off. He quietly watched, waiting for them to leave. He had a plan to follow them. Without them knowing. If they found out, they would suspect the truth.

Angelo, Antonio, Alonzo all walked outside to the cars.
"Alonzo, your drivin'." Angelo said as he got in the passenger seat. Although it was the most dangerous seat to sit within a car with other mobsters in it.
Alonzo did not care to drive so he got into Angelo's car and started the engine.
Antonio got in the back seat on the left side.

Vito drove to where the boss lived and parked the car.
Alonzo followed and parked the car near the others.
All of them exited the cars.


Johnny finally arrived back to the restaurant. He spotted some familiar faces and headed over and sat down.
Tommy glared at Paulie. Who the f*** did Paulie think he was talking to a capo like that? He noticed Johnny come over. He didn't really know the boy.
He returned his cold harsh glare back to Paulie. Everyone in the family knew this look. "Get your own damn rolls. Or have Johnny boy get them." Tommy spoke.
Johnny felt the building intensity in the air. But he had no clue to as of why. He took notice of the signature intimidating face Tommy could pull with ease. 'All this over some rolls?' Johnny wondered to himself.

Feb 4th 2021 03:01


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Tommy listened silently as he put his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, sure that sounds like a good idea!" Tommy said and looked to the others to see what they thought. It sounded like the best option that they had.
Robert sat with his arms crossed over his chest and his feet up on one of the dusty tables. It did indeed sound like a good idea to him. "Well then, what are we waiting for?" Robert spoke as he stood up and dusted off his cloths.

Christoph finally decided to emerge from the safety of his fancy condo in which he lived in while visiting New York City. He had left a few months ago and stocked up on all the essentials. He’s been leaving the building a couple days a week. Walking out onto the street in front of the building, Christoph took a deep breath. The air seemed to have a lot more quality since the other day when he was out. The lack of cars and people certainly helped. It was eerie though. The empty streets. The sounds of the bustling city replace with the singing of birds.
He walked down the empty streets until he was outside of the city. Out from under the shadows of the skyscrapers. Christoph wondered if any others where still left, and if they would be hostile if he encountered someone else. It is survival of the strong now.

Christoph had brought what was left of his supplies with him. He didn’t think it would be wise to live 100 feet up off the ground in a decaying skyscraper for much longer.

Feb 2nd 2021 21:43


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((—Frankie started in a prison but was freed by Robert. When they where going to their car they found another survivor outside. They took this stranger(Mavis) back to town with them.
Meanwhile Tommy went to the Galfano family’s Italian restaurant. He parked his 2020 Maserati GranTurismo back behind the restaurant.
Robert, Frankie and Mavis arrived at the restaurant and parked Robert’s car(1961 Lincoln Continental) in front of the restaurant, unaware that someone else was there.
They went inside, ran into each other, gun where pointed and they reconised each other and put the guns away.
Meanwhile William was/is riding his horse(Johnny) around the outside of town looking for supplies.
Tommy, Robert, Frankie, and Mavis remain inside the restaurant. Tommy, Robert, and Frankie discuss going to Frankie’s mansion while Mavis writes in a journal.
Mëyhna is in a guitar store near the Italian restaurant.
Connie is watching William from behind a car I think—))

(Not the best summary, but oh well.)

Jan 30th 2021 19:43


StealHeart replied to StealHeart's topic

(@justarandomguyy, if you would like, I could provide you with a short summary of what's happened and where everyone's characters are.)

Jan 30th 2021 06:40