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A Fantasy RP To Rule Them All!

StealHeart replied to StealHeart's topic

Name: Nicholas Gervase.

Age: 50s.
Can live centuries.

Gender: Male.

Species: Human. Something like a Witcher. (Magically enhanced human.)

Personality: Stoic, cold.

Biography: Unknown to strangers.
A wonderer, mercenary,




Height: 5’10.

Approximate Weight: 150lbs.

Eye Color: Hazel.

Hair Color: Dark Brown.

Other: Has a tattoo to show that he is this universes version of Witchers which are very rare.
The tattoo is on his left wrist. He has a matching ring and necklace.
Similar to top right and bottom left:


Powers and Abilities:
-Hardened Bones.
-Extended Lifespan.
-Superhuman Agility, Strength, Stamina, and others.
-Accelerated Healing.
-Enhanced resistance to poison, venom, and diseases.
-Minor Spells
-Weapons Mastery.


Name: Duir.

Approximate Age: 6 years.

Gender: Stallion.


Jun 13th 2021 19:30

A Fantasy RP To Rule Them All!

StealHeart replied to StealHeart's topic

Name: Merildor Ruindir.

Age: About 200 years.

Gender: Male.

Species: Merildor is a unknown species. The only if this species.

Personality: He is charming, charismatic, mischievous, and a little chaotic.





Height: 5’7

Approximate Weight: 130lbs.

Eye Color: Blue, with hints of green.

Hair Color: Black.



Powers and Abilities: Abnormal (“superhuman”) strength, speed, agility, durability, stamina, and reflexes and a masterful combatant (with any weapon. Or unarmed.) and a powerful sorcerer.
Other powers that he possesses are regenerative healing factor, longevity, illusion manipulation, shapeshifting, along with other stuff.

(Will be updated)

1.) Horse:

2.) Wolf:

3.) Buck/Deer:

4.) Snake:
This form that Merildor can take on is a solid black snake that can be venomous if he chooses.


Jun 13th 2021 19:25

A Fantasy RP To Rule Them All!

StealHeart replied to StealHeart's topic

(Group roleplay, always accepting new characters.)

This fantasy rp takes place in the 1700s, at a fictional location probably. Inspired by Lord of the rings, the hobbit, Solomon Kane, Interview With The Vampire, Thor Ragnarok, and other movies.
Characters can be almost any species.
(Work In Progress)

* OCs Only.
* Don’t Control Other People’s Characters.
* Don’t kill someone’s character without their permission.
* No God Mode.
* No OOC fighting.
* You can auto hit NPCs but not characters.
* Characters must be 10 or older.
* Use the provided character sheet.
* Please write at least a paragraph. It would be greatly appreciated. Two lines the least.

Approximate Weight(optional):
Eye Color:
Hair Color:


Merildor Ruindir - @Stealheart - pg.1.

Nicholas Gervase - @Stealheart - pg.1.

Mortulous Delibraûg - @Spartan203 - pg.1.

Kaoran/Wolflord - @Wolflord - pg.1.

Thaion Von Lagorúthanar - @Spartan203 - pg.1.

Illyana Rurikovich - @Raphaela - pg.1.

Grayson Deveraux - @GraysonDeveraux - pg.1.

Rivoare Videric Mandroux - @Stealheart - pg.3.

Julian Wyltt - @Spartan203 - pg.3.

Prince Leorin Karvith ni Llarad Paryk ap Stion III - @Platinumlion - pg.3.

Kolvar Sargwyn - @SuedoisRiddare - pg.4.

Jun 13th 2021 19:24


StealHeart replied to StealHeart's topic

Robert watched the strangers action and interaction with his boss. He looked to where Mavis was, but didn’t see her. She must have took cover. For obvious reasons. “Names Robert Cavallaro.” He nodded in greeting.

Tommy watched the situation from where he was standing. This was all strange. But strange is the new normal. “Since we are introducing ourselves, I’m Tommy Sansica.”

Christoph took a bottle of water out of his bag as he was walking towards where the vehicles went. He stopped when he heard voices and spotted the people. It appeared to be a tense situation. Plus they had guns. Christoph stood still, hoping they didn’t see him. He slowly took a step backwards.

Jun 5th 2021 21:57


StealHeart replied to StealHeart's topic

(I’ll respond soon, forget to do so.)

Apr 23rd 2021 21:23