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Welcome Home!

SpiderDude118 replied to _Charlie's topic

Name: Dell Conagher
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Appearance: Photo
Information: Dell moved into the neighborhood after he was fired from his mercenary job. He needed a place where he could relax, and just play the guitar until he dies.
Extra: Dell has amazing attention to detail, as well as great innovation. However, he isn't the strongest or fastest in the world, as he hasn't aged well.

Feb 13th 2019 23:18

Overwatch or TF2 rp, anyone?

SpiderDude118 replied to OwOrisa's topic

(I feel TF2 is under-represented in the RP scene, so I will be interested in roleplaying that.)

Feb 13th 2019 23:12

Five nights at Freddy

SpiderDude118 replied to TheShadowPuppet's topic

I'm fine with anything.

Jan 3rd 2019 19:04

A War of Fate!

SpiderDude118 replied to FallenQueenOfLight's topic

Brute had been forced back into an auction house, where he waited for someone to purchase him.

Jan 2nd 2019 23:32

2020, a nation enslaved

SpiderDude118 replied to Cloud9's topic

The Handler continued gunning down more soldiers. One soldier managed to sneak a bullet into his arm. He almost screeched in pain.
"Cmon buddy! Lets go!" He called.
"What do you mean, 'No'? I'm your goddamn master!"
The Hunter finished off another soldier before galloping after the Handler.
"Thanks buddy."

Jan 2nd 2019 23:21