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MK11 RP [Story Mode Spoilers]

SpiderDude118 replied to SpiderDude118's topic

This takes place after the Best Ending of the Story Mode, where Liu Kang is the Keeper of Time and Kitana is an Elder God.
The entire roster only exists in their 'past' form.
Cetrion and Geras no longer exist.

From here, literally anything can happen.
Listed below are the established characters that can be played (i.e. they exist in this current timeline)
Note that existing characters not named here cannot be played.
All of the characters that exist exist in their past form (i.e. Kabal isn't Burnt, Frost isn't Cyberized, etc.)
Open Spots:

Cassie Cage:
Erron Black:
Jacqui Briggs:
Jax Briggs:
Johnny Cage:
Kotal Kahn:
Kung Lao:
Noob Saibot:
Shang Tsung:
Shao Kahn:
Sonya Blade:

Note when roleplaying:
You do not have to fit your character's personality exactly.
Feel free to change some things, but not everything.

Somebody wants to play Baraka.
They can decide they want him to be an outcast instead of Tarkata's leader.

1. No sexual content.
2. First come, First Served with character selection.
3. Follow Site Rules.
4. No controlling other's characters. This includes performing Fatalities or Brutalities without the Receiver's and Giver's consent.
5. Overly toxic players/characters will be kicked from the RP (i.e. slain by the Elder Gods).
Not saying it has to be MLP, but don't be worse than Shao Kahn, ok?
6. Have Fun. It's no fun to RP with people who don't have their head in the game.

Jun 9th 2019 05:54


SpiderDude118 replied to WildSamurai's topic

I've modified the Biography. Is it okay now?

(Yes its a bit cheesy, but it works.)

May 12th 2019 20:18


SpiderDude118 replied to WildSamurai's topic

Full Name: Sam
Age: roughly 34 (in dog years, obviously)
Gender: Male
Species: Anthropomorphic Irish Wolfhound
Sexuality: Ace
Occupation: Freelance Police
Alias: Canine Shamus

Biography up to the snap: Sam was born into existence when a few experiments involving genetic manipulation went awry. Sam's innate intelligence told him to escape, and he did during an incident unrelated to him. He escaped the lab, and taught himself how to read and write, and developed a taste for high-end fashion. From, there, Sam's intelligence grew exponentially. He eventually attempted to integrate into society, where he developed a contempt for criminals. SO, he applied to become a police officer, and nailed the job with no further issue. Sam later gained a partner named Max, whom also happened to be a genetic experiment. The duo were freelance police, which got them into trouble a lot of the time. The two were no strangers to danger and enjoyed blasting their way out of situations, even if it didn't work out perfectly. Sam had collected vast amounts of knowledge of metaphorical tonnes of different subjects, while Max just got by with a very large vocabulary and a very intimate knowledge of anatomy.

Those they lost in the snap: Max, his partner (Shown in the picture below)

Weapons of Choice: A large Revolver. and occasionally some teeth.

-Fighting Crime
-Being a lone wolf
-Anybody who mentions Max

-Sense of Smell
-Vast Knowledge
-Enhanced Sense of Taste
-Night Vision
-Slight Lung Issues (Smoking)
-Emotional Instability
-Narcoleptic Habits (If it's comfy, he will fall asleep)
-Alcohol Problems

Appearance: Image
Other: Sam became much more of a recluse after Max died, and took to smoking and alcohol to stay sane. This led to him being much less friendly, and to the fur under his muzzle turning gray.

May 10th 2019 17:39

I’ll make your OC for free

SpiderDude118 replied to agreekgeek's topic

I have one request. Are you still up for this?

May 7th 2019 20:20


SpiderDude118 replied to WildSamurai's topic

(Are crossover characters allowed?)

May 7th 2019 20:16