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Seeking LotR/Hobbit Canon Roleplayer...

Silvermuse replied to Silvermuse's topic

Looking for a Thranduil (or Legolas) roleplayer to create a mature story with, full of romance, strife, a little drama, adventure and magic. I will be playing an OC, I have two made for Tolkien's world already but can make another if they don't appeal to you. I have been craving a Thranduil RP for ages, started one a while back but for reasons unknown to me it fell apart. And if "fading to black" is your thing, let me tell it is definitely not mine. Otherwise, I really just want a good Lord of the Rings/Hobbit RP.

Comment down below if interested, roleplay details can be discussed in PMs. Looking for MxF or if absolutely necessary, MxM.

Jun 21st 2019 01:41

Seeking Long Term CANON Rper(s).

Silvermuse replied to Silvermuse's topic

This is probably a lost cause by now, I've posted a few of these already, but well I can't help myself I guess. As the title says, I'm looking for a long term, mature romance (Dom) roleplayer who plays any of the Canon characters listed below from their respective animes. I have a larger list in my blog, which means yes you will have to go searching for it if an anime you like isn't on here. I will be playing an oc myself and I am NOT looking to rp with other ocs currently.

If you are interested, the comment below or like the post before sending my a friend request please. I am including games and movies in this for simplicities sake. And, if fade to black is your thing, I'm not the roleplayer for you.

Animes/Characters wanted:
Naruto - Orochimaru, Sasuke, Itachi, Deidara, Kakashi.
Legend of Zelda - Vaati or Ghirahim
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Solas or Cullen
Dragon Booster - Moordryd
Inuyasha - Seshomaru
Black Butler - Sebastian or Undertaker.
Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth, Kadaj, Genesis.
Final Fantasy XV - Ardyn, Ravus, Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, Prompto.
OHSHC - Kyoya or Hikaru and Kaoru.
LoTR/The Hobbit - Thranduil or Legolas.

For now, those are the ones I am most craving. I doubt there's anyone on here who is up for this but a girl can dream. Looking for mostly MxF but will do MxM only if absolutely needed.

Jun 19th 2019 15:18

[Literate] MxM Romance (Multiple Genres)

Silvermuse replied to mouth's topic

I'd definitely be interested if you're okay with a girl playing a guy!

May 17th 2019 23:46

Fandom RP Recrutement

Silvermuse replied to Nightgirl55's topic

If you're still active and looking, I'd be most interested in either a Black Butler, Creepypasta, OHSHC, or The Devil Is A Part Timer (though I'm still working on this one lol) rp with one of my ocs! If you're okay with romance between the characters I'd love to do a MxM or MxF rp with one of those fandoms.

Apr 13th 2019 23:17

HTTYD RP anyone?

Silvermuse replied to Silvermuse's topic

I'm glad this is getting a few interests, but to be honest guys I'm not sure if I'll finish the server. Unfortunately I've had some rather disappointing past experiences with group rps and it has severely crippled my interest and will to finish the server and open it....

Apr 2nd 2019 01:20