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Into The Swamp :Dark Fantasy/Supernatural/Sandbox

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Hey hey sorry some comments got buried I'm glad there's still an interest! I'll start something up soon or if you want to start without me go ahead I only ask that characters get approved first and so far I approve! Ill give my first response in a bit at work right now and my phone is dying and I was also thinking of putting a couple characters up for adoption like the old sea captain that was a fish man. Anyone remember him? Smelly but friendly grumpy old man but he'll be even even nicer if you give him some fish or frog eyes. He was in charge of the ferry that brought characters To the mainland's. If you think you can do the old ferrymen justice or you think you know someone else that would be interested in the character hit me up and let me know! If not I'll keep him in my bag of characters with the others!))

Jun 9th 2020 07:35

Into The Swamp :Dark Fantasy/Supernatural/Sandbox

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Reboot now in the fantasy section may a few more characters but other wise have bun with it. Skies the limit

May 18th 2020 19:10

The SwampLands

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This is a world made ripe for the taking. The fae thrive and the likes of creatures like that of man and spider are one in the same but are treated as monsters. Scorned and shunned like beast and as any beast. If it cannot be controlled it should perish. Thats were the war lies. Where the chaos reigns. Man verses spider.
Though despite this they have a shared enemy beneath the waters. It aint no snake or venomous goatfish either. Its the fae. Some deny their presence. People disappear or get lost in the mist only to return not quiet the same. Some raving mad. Some with cold expressions and glowing eyes but we know the truth. If anything. Witchcraft would be to be to blamed. Or if you disappear you disappear. Plain and simple.
But we know the truth. The reality of the world. Or what we want it to be anyhow.

--------------------- ---------------------------------- --------

- No god modding
- No limit to characters. Have as many as you like.
- Contribute to the story. This is a fantasy playground ripe with potential. Dont be afraid to add your own touches to this dark reality
- No controlling other characters unless you have permission to do so.
- Try not to disclude anyone
- This is a dark fantasy roleplay so a little violence is welcome here.
-Finally have fun
-------------------- ----------'----------------''----------


The human colonies are far and vast and reside both in the swamp and mainlands in Cree and their are currently four main colonies in this world. Who each worship the gods of the elements.

The Vekella colonies reside in the swamp and worship the God Vekorval. The element of water and is mostly human their are some spider villages as well.

The Morcast colonies which reside mostly within the mountains is a mix of both human and elves and they worship the Goddess Morgella. Her element air.

The Emvry colonies are made up of elves exclusively. They worship the God Embrose. His element fire. They believe fire is the ultimate element and value the purity of blood and consider the Snake people. The earth colony which neighbors them along the islands of the main land were they live. To be misunderstood and superior race as some like the long since passed dragons. Who have believed to become extinct can create fire out of nothing and therefore sides with them in the war against the humans and some of the elves that choose to live with them.

Finally the Creeknox colony. Whom live on the smaller islands near the mainlands and worship the Goddess Creesha. Which their home is named after. Is believed to be married to Embrose which furthers their ties with the elven colony as well as their support in the current war and which Naga's reside in.
Creesha is earth

Character sheet

Name: Aranella


Class: rogue/outcast


Height: 5 foot 3

Race: half human/half Spider demon

Build: slender and agile

Hair: black with dark purple highlights

Eyes: light forest green

Job: fishermen and huntress

Siblings: older brother Demetrius age 32


Mother: Caravanna the seamstress Father: Rosco the spider demon (deceased)
Step father: Demetrius Senior. Village councilmen

Class traits
- fishing: Reel/spear
- hunter skills: Dagger and bow and arrow
- scavenging skills
- venom: tempory
paralysis through bite.
Favourite food: lavender Dumplings and goat cheese

Back story: an outcast of her own family and village. Aranella has grown up with her grandparents in the swampy woods until she was thirteen years old when her grandmother passed away and her grandfather along with many other men of the village were taken away to fight in the upper mainlands where the land has been wrought with war for several years. Though she formed a close bond with her brother from the village she became very much alone amd relied on the hunting skills she learned from her grandfather and any other villagers kind enough to show her and the sewing and scavenging skills she learned from her grandmother and the journal's they left behind.

Unique traits: besides the venomous bite she inherited from her father whom was killed by a monster Hunter before she was born. She also inherited the four eyes that gives her heritage away. If not for these inherent traits. She be may have grown up in the village with her mother and brother.

CREATURES OF THE SWAMP and a picture of Arenella's village.

Goatfish: Grey or a sickly pale yellow. With horn-like appendages on their forehead. These fish are a common prey caught by the villagers as a homely meal though, be weary of your catch for some are poisonous and toxic to consume. You can tell only the number of gills on their body. The safe ones have three were as their toxic brethren have two.

Burrowflies: These small black flies are fowl creatures. thriving on the rotting flesh or vegetation. Burrowflies get their name from the fact that they lay their eggs on live creatures. Usually frogs or even birds they sometimes may even infect humans and though their young hatching out of your flesh wont kill you the infection and disease left behind just might.

Snakes and spiders: Their are many different kinds of snakes in the swamp. Some big some small. Some certainly venomous.
The most distinct ones though is the reaper snake. Which is white and has a skeletal shape with red eyes. This snakes lives in the water and though isnt venomous its bigger than most snakes and its teeth are sharp enough to tear off a limb.

For the spider. These creatures are grey with blue stripes with yellow eyes and can grow to the size of a common house cat. They are not venomous but be weary still for their bite can temporarily paralyze you making it easier for them to eat their prey yet surprisenly can be trained and domesticated to catch food. Making hunting a little bit safer.

Moss trolls. Private and secluded creatures. They tend to steer clear of the villages in Cree-Lalore and despite their large bulky sizes. They do not pose much threat as they tend to be peaceful creatures unless otherwise provoked and it is said that only the enlightened can communicate with these grumpy creatures. Were the moss trolls can reveal the secrets of the swamp. They are hard to find though as they hide well within the trees and even underneath the water using their large hides covered in moss and vegetation to blend in with their environment so dont be two surprised if a large "rock" starts moving beneath your feet as you try to make your way through the swamp.

Spider Queen: Deep beyond the villages of the swamp. There was a woman who reigned over Cree and though she had granted domain for some of the humans to live she essentially considered herself to have true control over the swamp and rarely ever left her nest. An underground cave unknown to most any communication she had with the humans or the snake people were through her "children." Spiders are her eyes to all and the spider people themselves though treated like beast and something to never trust were her voice and in this time of war which raveged the mainland between the humans and Naga's (Snake people fighting for equality for all) She is playing both sides of the war. The chaos is her amusement. After all a snake and spider could never get along and the humans who have hunted her children in the past deserve so much worst

May 18th 2020 19:08

Into The Swamp :Dark Fantasy/Supernatural/Sandbox

Shadey replied to Shadey's topic

Thinking of rebooting this either here or on discord let me know if interested))

May 12th 2020 14:31

Into The Swamp :Dark Fantasy/Supernatural/Sandbox

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May 12th 2020 14:30