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Dottie Rose (Dorothy Catherine Rose)

Shadey replied to Shadey's topic

Name: Dottie

Age: 22

Species: half human and half hell cat. Dot can shape shift into three different forms. A large black and red hell cat that can summon and control flames at will. Her human form and her small maine coon cat form.

Looks: human form

Hell cat form: thick red fur with dark hues and sharp claws. Glowing red eyes. Sharp fangs and claws and is the size of a Panther

Cat form

Personality: stubborn but loyal to a fault. Is a strong fighter who knows how to defend herself but would rather not get her claws dirty and hurt others unless forced to. She loves to bake so has a bit if a sweet tooth and going off on her own to explore new places and meet new people Because of her past however and being betrayed by her own family she has trouble opening up to others and trusting them completely.

History: will learn as you get to know her

Siblings: none

Parents: Lucinda Alexandria Rose (deceased) Jasper Xavier Rose (alive but is dead to Dot)

Hobbies: Baking, hunting, camping and archery

Jul 6th 2021 11:57

The SwampLands

Shadey replied to Shadey's topic

Waiting for a response from Elenore her lower gaze flits to Basco and Draxx now arguing and pretty much antagonizing each other while she gripped the wall to keep from completely falling over and thanking the elements that this ship was metal and more durable. She just hope nothing would happen to make the ship go down. She couldn't swim and would most likely drown in an event like that. She thought nervously and snickered though starting to laugh at the distraction Draxx and Basco now created with their antics easing her anxiety. If only a little as Perri himself jumped on Elenore's shoulder sniffing her curiously before winding down from her back to the floor to a random direction not really caring where. Maybe food. Maybe just to explore.

Jun 30th 2020 15:49

The SwampLands

Shadey replied to Shadey's topic

((@archbishop I suppose or @TroublesomePerson if they still wanna jump in. If any of y'all want me to add something just say..... Pinecone!))

Jun 30th 2020 13:43

The SwampLands

Shadey replied to Shadey's topic

She mumbled agreed in elvish. She didn't know the language to well but she knew some words. Enough though because she wanted to learn to expand to her clientele in the market place as much as possible considering her booth got vandalized the year prior. Meanwhile she reddens slightly and nods straightening. Still not used to someone being nice to her other than Berum and what little family she had left. "Thanks I'm fine." She said nervously. "I just need to sit and merchants usually get a deal on inns if were going to travel together so you can say we're partners and Elenore was it? Why are you so interested in asking a bunch of strangers to help you anyway? Why not go to a guild or an assassin group or something to deal with it?" She asked curiously.

Jun 25th 2020 23:30

The SwampLands

Shadey replied to Shadey's topic

"Yeah no.......We can meet somewhere in town or at the market place were I have a booth. I'm not in it for the money though even though I would like my coin purse back" She said the last part to the twins staggering more from the rocking boat as it tipped forward some as the storm picked up in momentum and Aron grasped the wall and Draxx's shoulder. "If we even make it to the mainland's." She exclaimed in her own language as Perry came back out of the room. Crawling up onto the wall to watch Elenore and the others.

Jun 24th 2020 16:33