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Demon summoner x Demon?

Pup replied to Pup's topic

Would anyone like to do a BxB Demon summoner x demon roleplay? please Dm if interested and we can discuss important details and what not! (Pls also be semi-literate at least)

Oct 16th 2022 04:32

Looking for fluff + fantasy discord roleplay buddi

Pup replied to Pup's topic

Just searching for people who are looking to do a fluff fantasy plot with me on discord! I'm personally only comfortable with MxM, MxNB or NBxNB so please keep that in mind, if you're willing to take the offer don't hesitate to add me so I could tell you my tag and we could begin!

Jul 13th 2022 04:28

Looking for fantasy romance partners!

Pup replied to Pup's topic

It could be from a fandom or we can set one up with OCs! Please do read my rules before adding if you're interested though! (I'm mostly compatible with MxM, MxNB or NBxNB)

Jun 23rd 2022 03:51