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Mixed RP Group

Multi replied to Multi's topic

Awesome! I'll send you the link!

Sep 29th 2022 21:10

Mixed RP Group

Multi replied to Multi's topic

Good Mornin yall!

My friends and I have a roleplay server on discord. Anyone over 18 is welcome to Join. Any characters are welcome from any fandom and we would love to see you there.

A few things about this discord:

-Its a safe environment that must have TW's for certain content which is in the rules section
-Bullying will not be tolerated. Anyone who bullies will get kicked out (OOC)
-We have characters from literally everywhere. (Newsies, Shameless, Euphoria, Hamilton, Original Characters, and so much more)
-There are mods on there who you can message for literally anything.

Please send me a message or comment if you're interested! We would love to have you!

Sep 25th 2022 11:50

18 + ☆ Long-Term Roleplay Partners ☆

Multi replied to MaeveVixen's topic

I am very interested in roleplaying with you! Please message me for more info.

Sep 23rd 2022 00:13


Multi replied to Multi's topic

Is anyone interested in a shameless roleplay? Or anything involving Lip Gallagher from Shameless?

Sep 22nd 2022 20:48

Putting myself out there

Multi replied to Multi's topic

Hello! I have multiple characters. Check them out and add me if you want to rp. I am open to anything and also au role-plays.

Jack Kelly
Winn Schott
Jamie Wellerstein
Clyde Barrows
Jimmy Collins
George O Malley

May 3rd 2018 01:14