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Of Men and Dragons

MorganMango replied to Dragons_Cave's topic

Silvia brought her hands to her face, rubbing her eyes before stretching out in her bed. She had stayed up very late last night despite being in bed by 11. One of her friends needed some advice from her and she was happy to oblige. Silvia wondered why she was so warm and opened her eyes to find marble’s feathery face in her room, his neck sticking through her open bedroom window. “Hey, bub.” She said groggily. Marble leaned into Silvia’s palm when she stroked his beak. “How would you feel about leaving me alone to get ready for the industrial park today?” At the mention of the industrial park, Marble snapped his beak in excitement and pulled his long neck out of the house. Silvia giggled shortly before rising from her warm bed and trudging to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and did her hair quickly, not putting much effort into her appearance as she didn’t expect to see many people. After putting her thick curls back in a bun, Silvia grabbed a breakfast bar from her kitchen downstairs and raced outside. “You ready to make those basic girls with pink glowy dragons jealous, pretty boy?” Silvia teased her dragon, mounting him after receiving a playful shove from his tail. “You know the way.” Silvia said, clutching the feathers of marble’s neck and gripping his back with her legs. Marble quickly took off, his talons leaving scratch marks in the soft ground where he pushed off.

May 22nd 2019 21:25

Of Men and Dragons

MorganMango replied to Dragons_Cave's topic

I really thought this would take off people love pets and people love dragons

May 17th 2019 00:02

The Contributions {REBOOT}

MorganMango replied to rosetum's topic

Is Clario a name?

Name: Corrine (Nicknamed Cece) Miller

Age: 13 (birthday soon?)

Sexuality: Straight

Contribution: Cece purifies everything around her. Her breath removes pollutants from the air. When she touches small bodies of water they become clean and clear. The ground she walks on becomes fertile. However, Cece has tough limits. Her body takes in all the toxins around her. If she is in a heavily polluted place, then she can't keep up and becomes ill (see bio).

Personality: Cece is very friendly and outgoing. She loves to talk to people and try new things. There is only one picture in her room, and it is of her sister spitting out water. Cece's sister thought that Cece's touch would make pond water safe to drink. Her powers didn't remove the salt.

Bio: When Cece was about 10, she took a trip with her family to a New Jersey beach. Racing her sister on the sand, she was thinking about beating her, not how her powers would affect the ocean. As her bare foot hit the water, it started to become clearer and bluer like it normally did. However, Cece passed out where she stood. Her body had tried to purify the entire Atlantic and nearly killed her. Cece woke up in the hospital with cancer in her brain. Luckily her powers killed the growth after 2 months of detoxing from the ocean water. She was taken right from the hospital now that more than her family knew about her powers.

Extra: She has been told her sister died of cardiac arrest following an extreme panic attack from seeing Cece nearly die, and that her mother didn't want to deal with a 'special' child anymore.

Appearance: Cece's barcode is located on her lower back, right above her waist. Cece has seen it and doesn't know why it is there. She feels oddly proud of it though, she likes the way it looks.

May 16th 2019 23:58

Of Men and Dragons

MorganMango replied to Dragons_Cave's topic


May 16th 2019 22:45

Of Men and Dragons

MorganMango replied to Dragons_Cave's topic

Dragon Name: Marble
Gender: Male
Type: Cockatrice
Element: Storm
Personality: Curious but quiet, very shy around everyone except for Silvia and some of her close friends.
Marble is especially loyal to Silvia because he does not have any friends of his own. When he first chose Silvia, it was because he could sense her insecurities. However, the pair found that their social lives would turn out to be complete opposites. Despite Silvia seeing her friends all day and Marble being left alone to play in the yard, the two are very close. They make sure to have at least one day every week where they go and do something together. Some weeks Silvia drags Marble to the more crowded places of the village for a nice dinner, and other weeks Marble convinces her to watch a movie at home instead. Marble and Silvia are inseparable, but Marble doesn't really have any other friends.

May 16th 2019 02:21