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Abyssmal - Dark Psychological Horror RP

MisterWrath replied to MisterWrath's topic

((Alright guys, let's begin, First person to post was...Grace Gardner. :) ))

Sep 24th 2018 17:21

Abyssmal - Dark Psychological Horror RP

MisterWrath replied to MisterWrath's topic

((Seems I may have to fill the gap, I'll play a character))

Name: Herbert Diller

Age: 42

Physical Description: Herbert stands a fair 5'11" with a slight paunch from the sedentary activities of patrolling in a squad car, he is a fairly good shot with his revolver but hadn't taken it out of the holster in over 7 years. He is dressed in the usual street cop uniform of black slacks, laced black shoes, police cap, walkie talker strapped to his left shoulder and a stained and dirty light blue button shirt. He sports a clean face as is required by the Police force policies, save for a bushy mustache gracing his upper lip giving him the typical "cop" look.

Personality Description: The main emotion that Herbert entertains is pure and utter boredom, having stay a beat cop by choice of not mingling with the dirty cops at the top, he keeps his head low and his cap over his eyes. He doesn't have much a temper but when people would intentionally disrespect him, he often takes it negatively to an extreme that he may threaten to arrest them or in some cases with some out of hand gangland thugs, assault them in rage which landed him 10 months on suspension without pay at one point. He enjoys old 80s rock music, coming from an era of sweet Bon Jovi, Poison and Metallica but acquiring a taste for soft Kenny G and Teddy Pendergrass after spending 3 years with his first partner.

Background:Herbert is a beat cop for a good 15 years, having seen everything from gang violence to "Serpico-esque" cop corruption, he chose to opt out of the rat race that all beat cops run for which was to get promoted to either detective or lieutenant.

It just wasn't for him.

Staying on his favorite route of Kilamanjaro St. and Valiant Ave., he patrols the city with a sense of bored vigilance that comes with having to have every dream crushed and forced into a very unthankful job. He's married with 3 kids, a 20 year old son in Police Academy and two twin 9 year old girls aptly named Anna and Belle.

His son, Roland is a stand up star in the Police academy said to maybe make it far in the Law Enforcement world but Herbert would rather he figure out how the back-door politics really is first hand when he finally graduates than sparing him that starry-patriotic look in his eyes as if he was a super hero saving the whole city.

With multiple losses due to a city rampant in crime, he had 3 partners in his time, 2 retired and one was killed by a gun-toting crackhead on the very streets he patrols day in and out.

Strengths: Caring, empathic, bold, inner strengths like a fighting spirit. Riley can be brave and is quick to action. She as a quick mind and is rather cunning like a fox, hence her nickname, Foxy.

Weaknesses: Herbert is a pretty stand up guy in terms of normal people except when he's already blown his lid and resorts quickly to the harshest form of revenge he could muster, whether tasing an annoying citizen or slapping a teenage youth caught with meth trying to lie to him and run away. His anger is not an easy thing for him to contain as it stems from the fact he is a cop and everyone subconscious lies and hates him for being one.

Physical Condition: Herbert has the typical middle-aged police officer stature, paunch and all.

Money: $1000

Mental Condition: Disciplined and well organized but temperamental when colliding with someone else's ego.

((Only picture I found is on this link but refuses to show it: ))

Sep 22nd 2018 17:40

Abyssmal - Dark Psychological Horror RP

MisterWrath replied to MisterWrath's topic

((Hi guys, I know the RP is taking a bit of time, lets try to garner some extra people for the remaining 2 people and then I'll kick us off. :) ))

Sep 21st 2018 22:05

Abyssmal - Dark Psychological Horror RP

MisterWrath replied to MisterWrath's topic

((Lets get 3 more people to join the RP so we could really kick if off. When we have 5 characters, we may begin.

Enjoy guys! :) ))

Sep 19th 2018 12:07

Abyssmal - Dark Psychological Horror RP

MisterWrath replied to MisterWrath's topic

((Welcome Grace. :)

I'll be making a CRM for our RP on to act as our character spreadsheet, hope it won't be a hassle for you as it is quite a purposeful tool.))

Sep 17th 2018 19:28