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Bound By Chains

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((Welcome, Raithe.

After one more person joins, we can start.))

Jan 23rd 2020 16:37

Bound By Chains

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((Welcome, Murus))

Jan 20th 2020 16:20

Bound By Chains

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As the demon population grew out of hand, nearly two thirds of the demon population stayed below their version of the poverty line, essentially becoming feral as they had no choice but to run rampant in the street. Many became locked into their demon forms and were the perfect killing machines. Both angels and crime fighting humans began to take notice, and, by working together began to try to tame what they could to stop the rest. The balance of nearly everything relied on their abilities to tame, conquer, and cull.

"Damn invasive demons." The gruff man grumbled. He kicked the door of the arena-like cage that contained the beast. This demon had been there for many years, but still had to be heavily bound. "I know you're intelligent. I know you can understand me." The man called into the cage. The man was true, but the demon would never give in to such vile creatures. Humans and angels alike. So instead of replying, he let out a low growl and whipped his tail around. "Each day is the same. Aren't you tired of this? If you behave, we'll let you out."

"On a leash!" The demon practically screeched as he pulled against the bounds with all of his force to lunge towards the door. One chain snapped, but two others remained. "You've made a lot of progress. Even the most obedient of demons haven't gotten their half, or even human form back." The man adjusted his hat and checked the clipboard that held his information. A partner had been assigned. "But he's not ready.." The man sighed and rubbed his temple.


The different species are angels, humans, demons, and mixes between angels and humans. Demons aren't yet mixed with humans, due to the fact that they're trying to get rid of demons, not make hyper-intelligent ones. Humans and angels have tamed demons to use them as a form of military weapons against the rise of rampant demons. That's basically it. The facility my character is in is a military base somewhere in Europe.))

Name: Elijah (Eli)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, looks to be ~20

Species: Demon (Half-Tamed)

Personality; Short tempered, aggressive when provoked, strong willed, stubborn, secretly golden hearted. His stubborn personality is what keeps him from getting fully tamed. He is secretly afraid of being killed in battle, and thus is able to keep up the aggressive act. He wants nothing more than to be understood, but at the same time doesn't want to share his fear as that would mean he could be executed as a faulty trainee.

Likes: Food, running, being pat/petted

Dislikes: Cages, chains, small spaces


Jan 20th 2020 06:13

Survival (The Carrier)

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((I just fangirled a little. God I love cyborgs and it's for moments like this))

Soul shivered a few times as chills ran down his spine. "Do you know if she's still in the building?" He asked before looking at the android. "I think the difference between you and him are not parts and models, but the way you do things. When you move or speak, I would expect nothing less from a sentient AI. But when a cyborg with set programs and directives takes a path of their own, that's something quite unexpected." He returned his gaze to the cyborg. "But until I'm infected, I'm putting my trust into him." He walked to the table, taking his blade. "Besides, you gave off a bad first impression." He began heading towards the stairway, only stopping briefly to look at Kilo. "Let's go find 001."

Aug 4th 2019 22:20

Sharpened Blades

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((O damn taking the soul by murder. That's intense. Yeah, it looks good.))

"I swear, you pray over each carrot you cut." Kris mumbled, sipping the drink. Julie's face grew red as she grew flustered. "I... I do not!" She threw her knife at him, but he had already walked away. "I'm going on a spree tonight. They will follow the trail out of town, deem it as escape... I won't be back for a week." Kris stood in the doorway of the kitchen, the television from the other room turning him into a silhouette. "I hate when you do this." Julie pulled her knife from where it had wedged itself. "Isn't your weapon sharp enough? Aren't you satisfied with it's color?" She murmured sadly. "You know I'm going for a hook." He replied calmly. She sighed and crossed her arms. "And then what? Try and repent for all of the lives you've taken?" She eyed him up and down.

"This is the life I've chosen. I'm not a family man. I only think for myself, and you should know this." He opened the door to the apartment and looked back at her. "I know what I'm doing." And with those final words, he left.

((I think that's the last we'll be seeing of Julie. I don't want to use her enough to need a character sheet for her.

Also, the weapons are breakable. If shattered, it will render a person useless. The weapon can be either repaired by applying a soul to sort of mend it together, or the souls collected (depending on darkness) as well as the original soul can be collected.))

Aug 3rd 2019 02:23