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Survival (The Carrier)

Melodic_Angel replied to Cylie's topic

((I'm always down.))

Aug 4th 2020 10:22


Melodic_Angel replied to DeathComes's topic

Kristopher hooked a clawed finger under his muzzle, implying a threat to those who understood what the muzzle was there for. Sure enough, when he turned to face Folwin, his pupils were dilating and contracting as he struggled to control his anger. However, in a calm voice he spoke, "Yes, I think I'm fine." His finger slipped out of his muzzle and he closed his eyes, letting out a sigh. "I don't know why they talk like that and then don't own up to it. Say it to my face." He said, and if he were one to yell, he'd certainly be yelling at the pair who talked behind his back.

Jun 26th 2020 11:18

Survival (The Carrier)

Melodic_Angel replied to Cylie's topic

((Since it was such a small amount and not skin to skin, I was thinking that those who've gotten the virus become infected at a much slower rate, since the uninfected body is able to keep the infection at bay much easier with the indirect contact. This means heavy fevers, chills, body aches, and along with the common symptoms, some may feel irritable, lack of hunger, and insomnia. This way there's clear indication of both the body doing its job and the virus also doing its job.

Just an idea~))

"He--It kind of sliced open my door. And I figured it would be easier to focus on surviving when I had someone else doing the defending." He said, the guilt clear in his voice. "But I'll make sure nothing like that happens again, okay?" He lowered his arms before crossing them as he thought. "Let's just take the stairs, there's a fire exit at the bottom. This way we don't have to run into any more infected." Soul offered and stuffed his hand into his pocket. As he turned back to the stairs, he rubbed the handle of the blade and sighed softly.

((Also, I'm going to work. I'll be back around 10pm EST))

Jun 25th 2020 14:32


Melodic_Angel replied to DeathComes's topic

Kristopher sat at the bar, eating a piece of steak. His muzzle sat beside the plate in an easily reachable spot. The long, lion-like tail swayed behind him as he focused on his food. He tried to tune out the noise around him in fear someone would spark his anger and he'd lash out. "He kinda looks like a beast." He had managed to hear from one of the newest beast hunters. He slammed his fork down into the bar, causing a dent in the wood. "I'm not hungry." He said softly and wiped his face with a napkin before returning the muzzle to his face. Kristopher stood and scanned the small crowd, picking out a fearful gaze. "Next time I'll take off your head." He said, though his soft words were unheard over the chatter of those around them. To the beast hunter, Kristopher only stared.

Jun 25th 2020 12:12


Melodic_Angel replied to DeathComes's topic

Name: Kristopher Dauphin

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Role: Beast Hunter; Battery/Knight

Weapons(if any): Horns/claws, a black longsword

Special Item(s): His mask/muzzle, usually used to keep him calm and in check.

Special Abilities(if any): Blind rage. It dulls his ability to feel pain ('tis but a flesh wound!) but in exchange for that, he has no control over his strength and who he attacks. Best used on a 1x1 fight or if he is sent ahead. Mask may be left behind and will have to be forcefully reapplied.

Personality: When a battle is involved, Kristopher is like a bull in a bull fight; he's always ready to charge in head first. When not involved in a battle, he is a quiet person. Some would say he's reserved, but really his snide comments and remarks are just said too softly. His monotonous tone tends to give him cold and brooding vibes to those who've just met him. Overall, his personality is black and white. Either he's quiet and calm or he's enraged and murderous.

Appearance(pic or desc):

Jun 25th 2020 05:41