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Nothing Can Scream Back

Magdrop replied to Magdrop's topic

Hello, and greetings to all. I'm looking for a partner for a Horror Themed roleplay. Gore will be involved but It's can easily be replaced for those that can't handle its nature.~
Gender and age don't matter but rules of more heavy topics will be in place before anything is started.

You wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night in your bed. You don't know why but you felt uneasy, cold, and as if you were being watched. After a few minutes you decided you could not fall asleep. Getting out of your bed and walk down stair to get yourself a snack. Before you took your first step on the stairs however you froze. the bottom was so dark it looked like a pit that was hungry for light, for warmth, for meant. No amount of light would make a dent in the darkness below. Against your better judgment you walk down into the darkness as the void swallow you whole. That was 5 minutes ago. You been walking for a while now shouldn't you have reached the bottom by now? Why could you no longer see the walls to your side? These thoughts and more filled your mind. You scream out to the darkness, the void of nothing. You regret it the moment the void screams back.

Oct 8th 2022 02:58