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[M4F] Remembering What We Were

JoyfulDemon01 replied to JoyfulDemon01's topic

I still remember getting that phone call 6 weeks back. I was just at work when I got the phone call no husband should receive. On my way to your hospital room the nurses told me that you were in an awful car accident. I didn't care about that though, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. It was a full week of sitting at the side of your bed, through several operations they tried to save your life, and I am so thankful that they did.
And it worked.. But not as I had hoped. You were hesitant at first to come back home to a man you didn't remember loving, to one you didn't remember marrying. But something inside you just felt like this was right. I always kept hope that one day your memories of our lives would return, but the doctors assured me that that was only a small chance.
Once we returned to my home.. Our home. I slept in the guest room, you didn't remember what we were like and I didn't want you to feel uncomfortable with a stranger in your bed. I felt awful for you, it must be so weird coming home to a house with pictures of a wedding you didn't attend... Our wedding.
The past few weeks have been hard, I've been trying to remain strong, cause I know that's what she... You would have wanted. But it's getting harder and harder trying to keep my feelings cooped up inside, and you can tell. You can tell that I miss the old you.
Little do I know.. You're Remembering What We Were.

Hey guys, Joy here.

I came up with this idea at the late hours trying to fall asleep and I'd love to give it a shot, but first a little bit about me! The name's Joy, I'm 19 years old. I've been writing on and off for around 8 years. I'm a big fan of general dorky stuff such as Gaming, Movies and Comics. I'm a frog dad with two very cute and very green children. I play guitar and Piano. I live in the Netherlands and I'm in my third year of a game design scholarship. (currently on my internship, keep that in mind)
For this prompt I'm looking for a female or feminine character to accompany mine (which will be discussed in pms). I'm looking for someone who can do at least one paragraph. I can do around 3 per post but I'll try to keep up with whatever you bring to the table.
If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to send a PM or chat my way!

May 21st 2023 05:41

AxA Romance Partners needed

JoyfulDemon01 replied to JoyfulDemon01's topic

Heyo! I'm Joy!

I'm getting back into RP after a long hiatus and would love to make some plots with some people! I play both male, female and intersex characters but my preference is to play a male. Genre wise I love romance in any kind of story, from slice of life to Sci-Fi or Fantasy.

Hit me up if you think you're what I'm looking for! Looking forward to it!

May 4th 2023 16:58

The Ferocious Five [M/FxA]

JoyfulDemon01 replied to JoyfulDemon01's topic

The world of Hejeathra is a place of blood and tears, tons of wars in its history. Recently however the Orc hordes of the east have once again banded together to conquer the human lands. The gates that once kept them away are now broken, the orcs flowing through. They ride toward the Kingdom of Myrdia, being central to the human empires it was quite obvious why they decided to strike there first.

They weren't going down easily though. General Valor of Myrdia had done some research on some legendary items called the Seven Deadly Sins. These seven items each represented a sin, once combined they could create one of the greatest weapons of all time, The Sword of Sin. The nation quickly recruited 5 mercenaries who were tasked with collecting these items.

The Five of them quickly got popular around the human empires, most people having heard of their stories, even though they had only collected one sin. Who are you to these mercenaries? Are you a great protector of one of these sins? Do you require their help along the way? Perhaps you wish to join them? Well, time to introduce them!


Erin StrĂ¼sser - He/Him - Human - The Plague Doctor
Erin was a plague doctor in the great plague, helping many people survive. Sadly, however, he could never save everyone and he lost two of his best friends to it. He now still wears the mask out of respect for them and all other lives lost. He is a great Doctor and Alchemist and wields two axes to protect himself.

Kogu Kaltors - She/Her - Half-Orc - The Brute
Kogu used to be part of one of the orc tribes but had eventually deserted. She quickly got acquainted with Human cultures and became a mercenary for hire. Sadly, being an orc a lot of people closed her out, all traumatized from the orc invasions many years ago. She wields a Morningstar and is able to defeat almost anyone if she sets her mind to it. Sadly, however, she is quite lazy. And doesn't often engage in battle.

Norne Al'tars - She/Her - Elf - The Archer
Norne started living in the human empires a couple of years ago, seeking to become one of the greatest archers. She dreamt of meeting a lover and moving to the Citadel so she could compete in the archer tournaments there. She wields a bow and arrow and is considered one of the best archers of the human kingdoms.

Gnar - He/Him - Kobold - The Thief
Gnar is a kobold who deserted his colony to explore the world. He has adapted to the life of a thief and is quite stealthy due to his size. He often steals items and adds them to his personal collection, as Kobolds are known to be quite the collectors. This is also around the time when he and Torment met and joined one another. He wields dual daggers but often prefers running over fighting.

Torment - She/Her - Tiefling - The Fighter
When Torment was banished from hell she had one thing on her mind. She wanted to get back there and burn it to the ground if that even worked like that. She quickly picked up the skill to wield one-handed blades quite easily. She then met Gnar and the two decided to partner up and steal so they could come by. She is great at wielding a sword, but has no self-control and often gets fatigued greatly after a battle.


I plan to be taking a narrator role, controlling any character that you don't. If you have any questions or offers just add me and we can talk it out!

Joy out.

Apr 4th 2023 16:52

Lincoln Academy: Definitive Edition

JoyfulDemon01 replied to JoyfulDemon01's topic

So, after months here it is.

Lincoln Academy: Definitive Edition is the prompt to end all of my Lincoln Academy prompts, it has a full school with over 60 students for you to punch, romance, f*** or whatever else you want to do to a group of university students. Here's a link with all the info!

Hope the link doesn't scare anyone, I just want to host over on Google Docs for formatting reasons.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me!

Jan 16th 2023 15:31

The Omnipotent Assault Force [M/F for Any]

JoyfulDemon01 replied to JoyfulDemon01's topic

The year is 2023, 3 years ago a disease spread throughout America and Europe, gifting 25% of the infected special powers, these humans came to be known as 'Delta Humans' or 'Deltas' by the public. the 75% of the infected that did not receive powers, would sadly meet a swift end to their lives. So far no cure to the abilities has been found, and Delta crime rises by the month, more and more people deciding to use their powers for ill.

Because of this, the governments of the world have come together and created a universal law, that any Delta activity in public is illegal, and in the worst case even punishable by death. Because of this, a lot of people have risen up and demanded Delta Human rights. Meanwhile, to prevent young Deltas from becoming criminals, NATO has banded together and created a new organisation. The OAF, also known as 'The Omnipotent Assault Force' was established.

Its purpose was to train young Delta Humans from ages 13-18 to become something more, something that would later be classed as a 'Delta Operative'. In other words, these teenagers were trained to become soldiers mankind had never seen before, with the purpose of bringing an end to all Delta related crimes around the world. This is where you come in.

You were infected around 2 years ago and received miraculous abilities some could only dream of. You were recruited into the OAF and have been training for around a year now. After one of your missions, you are the only survivor and return to the base alone, all that was left of your friends was their blood on your armour and their spirits in your memory.

After coming back you had a personal meeting with the General of the OAF. 'Skullface' as he was known was a tall man who always wore a gas mask with red lenses to hide his face. Nobody truly knows if he is a delta or not, because his powers have never been shown. Skullface explains to you that because of your outstanding results n the past few missions he will be promoting you to 'Squad Zero'

Anyone in the OAF would know of Squad Zero, they were the strongest squad on the force, sent in on the most dangerous missions ever, anyone would dream to get placed there, but you get the spot just like that? What will the future bring? Who are your squadmates? What's your first mission? Time will tell.


Liam Miller - Squad Leader - Power Level: Limits Unkown
Abilities: Metal Manipulation
Personality: Extroverted, Flirty, Joking.

Tony Cook - Second in Command - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Teleportation
Personality: Easily Hurt, Ruthless, Thoughtful.

Adam Ericson - Heavy Unit - Power Level: 8
Abilities: Kinetic Force Absorption
Personality: Driven, Humourless, Confident.

Ajax Park - Sharpshooter - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Perfect Accuracy
Personality: Quiet, Introverted, Shy.


Amber - Demolitionist - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Pyrokinesis
Personality: Outgoing, Extroverted, Flirty.

Taylor Ackerman - Scout/Infiltrator - Power Level: 8
Abilities: Shapeshifting
Personality: Quiet, Dark, Observant.

Alex Hartley - Support - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Mind Manipulation
Personality: Joking, Resourceful, Pessimistic.

Vera Orlova - Hacker - Power Level: 8
Abilities: Technology Manipulation
Personality: Clever, Adaptable, Claustrophobic.

Like always if you're interested just send me a request and pop me a DM so we can start discussing!

Oct 29th 2022 09:19