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Pirates aboard the Elexcentria Spaceport [MxA]

JoyfulDemon01 replied to JoyfulDemon01's topic

Life on the Elexcentria Spaceport was quite ordinary, it was one of the most popular places in the quadrant so hundreds of starships came in every single day. Of course with its popularity came hardships. The Security forces had to be on high alert every single day to ensure that nothing went wrong. After all, while it lay in generally populated space, Elexcentria was very close to the outer rim, where pirates schemed in the silence.

You had joined the security forces quite some time ago, a wannabe gunslinger or pilot you knew exactly how to make a name for yourself, and quite quickly rose through the ranks. One day however your true skills would be tested.

The spaceport was under attack from some Mon'kar pirates from the Outer Rim, you had prepared for all of it. Shooting down pirates who disembarked from their vehicles left and right, however, there was one thing you did not prepare for.

The battle continued to heat up as you were pushed back into a hallway that connected to the hallway, joined by a bounty hunter who you had been fighting. Suddenly, however, to your surprise he quickly pressed the door shut behind him, pressing a few buttons when suddenly the hangar doors opened, flooding the hangar in silence as all pirates inside died slowly, their ships and bodies flying into cold space.

Who is this bounty hunter? What are his goals? Should you end him?


Hopefully, this one seems interesting! I'm planning for this to incorporate Sci-Fi, Adventure and Romantic elements. If you're interested or want to know more, pop me a DM!

Dec 2nd 2021 07:37

The Omnipotent Assault Force [M/F for Any]

JoyfulDemon01 replied to JoyfulDemon01's topic

The year is 2023, 3 years ago a disease spread throughout America and Europe, gifting 25% of the infected special powers, these humans came to be known as 'Delta Humans' or 'Deltas' by the public. the 75% of the infected that did not receive powers, would sadly meet a swift end to their lives. So far no cure to the abilities has been found, and Delta crime rises by the month, more and more people deciding to use their powers for ill.

Because of this, the governments of the world have come together and created a universal law, that any Delta activity in public is illegal, and in the worst case even punishable by death. Because of this, a lot of people have risen up and demanded Delta Human rights. Meanwhile, to prevent young Deltas from becoming criminals, NATO has banded together and created a new organisation. The OAF, also known as 'The Omnipotent Assault Force' was established.

Its purpose was to train young Delta Humans from ages 13-18 to become something more, something that would later be classed as a 'Delta Operative'. In other words, these teenagers were trained to become soldiers mankind had never seen before, with the purpose of bringing an end to all Delta related crimes around the world. This is where you come in.

You were infected around 2 years ago and received miraculous abilities some could only dream of. You were recruited into the OAF and have been training for around a year now. After one of your missions, you are the only survivor and return to the base alone, all that was left of your friends was their blood on your armour and their spirits in your memory.

After coming back you had a personal meeting with the General of the OAF. 'Skullface' as he was known was a tall man who always wore a gas mask with red lenses to hide his face. Nobody truly knows if he is a delta or not, because his powers have never been shown. Skullface explains to you that because of your outstanding results n the past few missions he will be promoting you to 'Squad Zero'

Anyone in the OAF would know of Squad Zero, they were the strongest squad on the force, sent in on the most dangerous missions ever, anyone would dream to get placed there, but you get the spot just like that? What will the future bring? Who are your squadmates? What's your first mission? Time will tell.


Liam Miller - Squad Leader - Power Level: Limits Unkown
Abilities: Metal Manipulation
Personality: Extroverted, Flirty, Joking.

Tony Cook - Second in Command - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Teleportation
Personality: Easily Hurt, Ruthless, Thoughtful.

Adam Ericson - Heavy Unit - Power Level: 8
Abilities: Kinetic Force Absorption
Personality: Driven, Humourless, Confident.

Ajax Park - Sharpshooter - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Perfect Accuracy
Personality: Quiet, Introverted, Shy.


Amber - Demolitionist - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Pyrokinesis
Personality: Outgoing, Extroverted, Flirty.

Taylor Ackerman - Scout/Infiltrator - Power Level: 8
Abilities: Shapeshifting
Personality: Quiet, Dark, Observant.

Alex Hartley - Support - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Mind Manipulation
Personality: Joking, Resourceful, Pessimistic.

Vera Orlova - Hacker - Power Level: 8
Abilities: Technology Manipulation
Personality: Clever, Adaptable, Claustrophobic.

Like always if you're interested just send me a request and pop me a DM so we can start discussing!

Oct 27th 2021 13:11

The Halloween Party [MxA]

JoyfulDemon01 replied to JoyfulDemon01's topic

Most of us have been there, it's nearing the end of October and everyone on campus is super excited about the Halloween party in a week. With it nearing closer day by day you start to prepare yourself a nice costume. While you're excited about the party itself, the main reason you decided to show up is that your crush, Liam is going.

Liam is a 3rd-year rocker boy with a great smile. He plays the guitar and various other instruments, even being the lead singer and guitarist in one of the most popular bands on campus. And while he may seem like a punky emo, behind that he is truly a loveable dork, which is shown by both his kindness and his taste in pop culture.

Finally, the night arrives. You put on your costume and head for dorm building C3. Are you a guy? A girl? What year are you in? Is your costume professional or low-effort? Hell, do you even really like Liam? Maybe you're after someone else. Anything is possible!

Pop me a DM if you're interested!

Oct 20th 2021 12:50

Lincoln Academy Part Two: The Drama Club [M/F x An

JoyfulDemon01 replied to JoyfulDemon01's topic

Lincoln Academy, to most it's just another school, but to its student's its an opportunity.

A prestigious academy that lets youths enrol for the generous price of nothing? You might think it was a joke when you heard about it at first, but after applying and now walking to your dorm room, eager to meet whoever you share it with. As for clubs, that music club definitely seemed interesting.

While this school may be free, little do you know there's a very good reason behind it...

Now for another twist! This time instead of the Music Club your character(s) will be following the prestigious drama club as they prepare for their newest rendition. With the possibility of familiar faces returning from the previous prompt. (which you can check out on my profile if punky guys and gals are more your thing).

Unlike the other prompt, the drama club is one of the most popular in the school, because of this every one of your romanceable options will be first years, as will your character(s).


Brian Mason, an overall pretty average dude. He grew up in an ordinary family, finding his love for acting at a young age as he already started to perform at local theatres, scooping up roles left and right as he was pretty popular in the local acting scene. Eventually, however... Disaster struck. Both his parents had died in a car crash, resulting in Brian losing all hope for acting until he was invited to Lincoln Academy.

Florian Frappeur, probably the hottest of the bunch, Florian is a french person whose love for acting is almost as big as his love for a good bottle of wine. Born into a prestigious family Florian always had everything, and that certainly helped him spark his acting career. Considering this school is practically for dropouts and rejects who deserve a second chance, he was a bit confused when he received his scholarship. But Florian is not one to reject an invitation.

Alex Jonathon Baker, fans of my other prompts might recognize his name. Alex plays the guitar and has a great love for the unknown. He loves writing which is mainly why he joined drama. In his early days, he wanted to play sports for a job, which was put down when he stepped into a bear trap, his right foot having to be amputated, which isn't something he shares with most people.


Hayden Carter, one of the most interesting girls you'll ever meet, with a love for practically anything. Comics, Pop Culture, Art, Music, if you like it, she's at least heard of it. Because of this, choosing a club was very hard for her, but when she heard her old friend Avery was there as well, she couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Naomi Wells, growing up with a very troublesome family, Naomi had quickly run away from home with a girl she knew. The two of them eventually going their separate ways. Now on her own Naomi took to lying on the streets, scamming gullible people. Hell, she was good at it. Until one day she got the invitation letter, a new opportunity.

Avery Hansen, born in a rural town where everyone knew each other, Avery is as close to a cowgirl you'd get these days. She loved to perform at local bars, where everyone always loved the things she wrote up and performed. When the love for a boy drew her away from home, eventually that all shattered when they broke up, leaving her stranded with no place to her name. Until she got her invitation.

Hope these characters seem interesting! In all honesty, I've just whipped them up in an hour or two. Anyways, for those of you who haven't been introduced to my old prompt. Lincoln Academy is a dynamic school where your choices affect the school environment and the characters around you. You can choose to send in either one or multiple characters, trying to romance the partners I've laid before you.

If this intrigues you, feel free to pop me a DM! And if it doesn't? Well, check out some of my other prompts. I've got more things cooking in the oven too! So don't hesitate to pop me a DM if you'd like to discuss something original either.

Much love,

Oct 17th 2021 14:30

Lincoln Academy [M/F x Any]

JoyfulDemon01 replied to JoyfulDemon01's topic

Lincoln Academy, to most it's just another school, but to its student's its an opportunity.

A prestigious academy that lets youths enrol for the generous price of nothing? You might think it was a joke when you heard about it at first, but after applying and now walking to your dorm room, eager to meet whoever you share it with. As for clubs, that music club definitely seemed interesting.

While this school may be free, little do you know there's a very good reason behind it...

Liam Miller, a friendly neighbourhood punk boy, plays the guitar and other instruments. A charmer with a dark past, and a dark future. Liam often gets into fights and trouble with the jocks, which is why he often has black eyes or other battle scars.

Sleepy Williams, his nickname says it all. Very tired most of the time, an enjoyer of classical music and plays the piano, people who know and follow the classical music scene know him as a prodigy, winning multiple trophies at a young age.

Ajax Park, the guy who sits in the back of the class and doesn't say anything. He's pretty shy and usually messes with electronics in his free time. He plays stuff like synth pads and messes with Midi's. Overall a cool dude, not that the others aren't.

Ethan Harp, despite his last name Ethan, does not actually play the harp. Ethan is the campus' local pothead, and despite faculty trying to stop him, he always finds ways to smoke a joint. Besides this he joined the music club as a drummer, barely knowing how to play at first, the guys and gals were happy to teach him.

Lynn Allen, often referred to as 'Dyke' by the cheer squad. Very flirtatious and loves to mess around, rumour is she is actually gay, only one way to find out right? Lynn loves to play electrical guitars and other instruments, she and Liam get along very well, so if you want to romance either of them, better keep the other one happy.

Elizabeth Palmer, the shy redhead who likes plants, what's more, to like? Despite not being too big on music, Ellie often hangs out with the band kids, mostly because they're the only people who actually talk to her, poor girl. Maybe you can cheer her up?

So anyway, out of the advertising personality now, a little bit about me. Heya, I'm Joy and I love roleplaying. Like a lot. I've been working on these characters for a year or so now and I want you guys to romance them, (or try and fail)

As for who I'm looking for, I'm looking for both my lads and my lasses, preferably at least 18, but if you can write good I won't complain. I'd prefer my partner only playing one character, but I don't mind if you try to romance multiple of the guys and gals at the same time if you play two characters.

If you want to give this a shot, pop me a friend request on here and we can start chatting.

Sep 21st 2021 04:58