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{Foster Care RP}

Jawbreaker replied to tamarind's topic

Name: Aileen Burger

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Sexuality: Heterosexual

New or Older foster Kid: Older, keeps getting put in and out.

Personality: She's quite bubbly, sweet, fun, adventurous and wild. She is fiercely independent and likes doing things her way, on her own. Also rather manipulative out of necessity.

History: Her mother was an addict prostitute who was neglectful to her so she was taken by the government and put into the foster care system many times whever her mother got into trouble. Her brother Ben left her.

Extra/Other: She usually lives on the streets when she's not caught by the system, living wherever she can.

Room: Yellow

Jul 29th 2019 09:56

Cleansing The World (Group Cult RP)

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Jul 13th 2019 18:39


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(( can I reserve keyboardist ? ))

Jul 13th 2019 18:38

Lillington High School

Jawbreaker replied to Jawbreaker's topic

((@pettylittleliar accepted !!
@Rumour I’m here ^u^ ))

The bell sounded throughout the hallways, signaling for all of the students to get to class. The hallways quickly emptied as people scrambled through the doors of their classrooms. Frostia’s heels clocked against the tile floor as she casually walked to class, unable to hurry even if she wanted to. She sat down in her first period language arts class and sighed. This class was so pointless and the teacher was lazy since it wasn’t an advanced class. A lot of kids at the school took advanced classes since it was an upper class school.

Jul 12th 2019 20:48

*** MBU - Miami Beach University - *****

Jawbreaker replied to xXSassyBeautyxX's topic

Marla grinned at him deviously, pulling her long, frizzy hair in front of her shoulder since the other side was buzzed off. “C’mon, let’s get outta here now, babe,” she said, exaggerating the last word before snatching his hand into hers and walking out of the library with him. She giggled at the sight of the librarian scoffing and walking away.

Jul 12th 2019 06:13