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War Torn (A Realistic RP About Rebuilding A Nation

Jacky138 replied to Tjek's topic

(I think so

Mar 18th 2019 08:48


Jacky138 replied to Cloud9's topic

(okay. Nothing contradictory so far anyway)

Following the guidance provided by the AWACS, Hans arrived at the scene.

He saw the research ship is on fire, the hull tilting to starboard. Two Su-27 with KPAF roundel just finished a strafing run and is returning for another.

On the sea, there are three corvette class patrol boats approaching the crippled research ship. Looks like the chinese Hainan class missile boats, but the white and blue naval ensign of the North Korean Navy are flying on these boat’s main mast.

“Enterprise, this is Condor. I have visual on the research vessel. The North Koreans are shooting it to pieces, request permission to arm and fire.”

Mar 5th 2019 02:49


Jacky138 replied to Cloud9's topic

An element of consists of two FFR-31 Sylph fighter jets soars through the deep blue sky at 30,000 ft altitude. Underneath them is the Sea of Japan, quiet and calm. Ray of sunshine penetrated the acrylic canopy of the fighter jets, and the silhouette of the FFR-31 glimmers in sunlight.

"Outfielder, this is Condor, can you repeat your last transmission, over" Lt Cmdr Hans Rockwell is a bit uncertain about the order he just received.

"Condor, this is Outfielder. Turn left vectoring 2-6-3, maximum speed."

"Condor, Roger." That was the order.

Just what the hell is going on right now. Hans murmurs to himself.

Outfielder is an E-2D Advanced Hawkeye AWACS aircraft belongs to the VAW-131 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron. It provides long range surface and air detection as well as battlespace command and control for the carrier battle group led by the Supercarrier, CVN-80 USS Enterprise, newly assigned to the reestablished Asiatic Fleet.

"You heard the order, Frostbite, turn left vectoring 2-6-3, maximum speed, do you copy?" Hans looks to his right wing, the other FFR-31 flying in an element with him, the pilot, callsign Frostbite, looked back and him and nodded.


Hans pushed the control stick to his left, and felt the aircraft banks as his command. The twin FNX-5010-H/J Phoenix MK X turbofan roars as the thrust increases, pushing the FFR-31 from its cruise speed of Mach 1.4 to its maximum of Mach 2.7. Hans felt the trembles and the pulling force that he grew to be familiar with.

He was supposed to be performing Combat Air Patrol (CAP) 300 miles north of the position of the Enterprise, and now here he is flying westbound. Underneath him is the Sea of Japan, in front of him, there is Wonsan, the North Korean Naval Base, to the right would be the Russian naval base of Vladivostok. He cant help but felt like a sheep being send to the tigers mouth.

"Condor, this is the Enterprise, do you copy?"

"Aye sir, loud and clear." Here comes the order, Hans thinks. He recognise the voice, Cmdr Bradly Johnson, the commander of the Carrier Air Wing on board the Enterprise, Hans imagine the commander must be standing in the Combat Direction Center (CDC) (the US Aircraft Carrier equivalent of CIC, Combat Information Centre) as he talks.

"Condor, we've got a problem. The AGOR-33 'RV Carl Sagan' was attacked less than an hour ago near the North Korea territorial waters, we were ordered to investigate."

AGOR? thats the prefix of 'Oceanographic Research Ship' in the US Navy. What business would a research vessel have near the North Korean water?

Mar 2nd 2019 11:52


Jacky138 replied to Cloud9's topic

(sh*t i just lost all the stuff i had been typing for half an hour. i hate it when it happens)

Mar 1st 2019 12:57


Jacky138 replied to Cloud9's topic

anyone wanna do a starter?

Feb 25th 2019 11:23