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Supernatural rp between Rainstorm and Juicy

JacktheRipper replied to JacktheRipper's topic

Neo looks at his villa with pride. He enjoyed seeing the different species of monsters safe in one place. He clenched his fists as he swore to his mother and father that he wouldn't let anyone or anything destroy that peace. His attention was caught when someone came up the stairs to his office.

Jan 9th 2023 11:54

Supernatural rp between Rainstorm and Juicy

JacktheRipper replied to JacktheRipper's topic

Here's my oc's form:

"There is no safer place for monsters like myself. I'm a calamity demon mixed with Death Angels. My mother was the strongest Death Angel in existence before she encountered my father, Sparda. Sparda himself could only be matched in human form by my mother before he overshadows her own powers by activating his Sin devil form. I have both of my parents abilities but I am most in tune with my father's abilities because using my mother's is too much of an overkill. My name is Neo Vergil Sparda, or just Vergil, and this is my home called The Dragon's Villa."

Name of monster or monsters: Neo Vergil Sparda
Rank of monster in power: Overwhelming demonic power inherited from his father. Actually vastly surpasses his father in power. Can alter the surroundings by flaring his power if he feels like it.
Girlfriend/love interest: open to suggestions
Abilities: Able to distort time-space to summon portals of transport and cut dimensions with his father's katana named Yamato. Able to transform at will into devil trigger and Sin devil trigger both of which make him exponentially more powerful than his father. Has the ability to decay things around him in a 10 mile radius until they are ash, which is the ability from his mother that he rarely uses because he wants to enjoy the battles he has. Uses summoned swords made purely from demonic energy for long distance attacks.
Personality: laid-back and occasionally flirtatious, cool and stylish attitude, also has a more serious, cynical, distant, sardonic and somewhat antisocial attitude but will open up to his love interest or interests if given time and effort from the love interest or interests.

Jan 9th 2023 11:40

Looking for Naruto or anime 1x1 on roleplay

JacktheRipper replied to Annabeth93's topic

I'm interested in doing a Naruto oc of mine with Tayuya, Kushina and/or your oc. Would you be interested?

Jan 8th 2023 23:19