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Mansion in the Woods OOC (crossover)

Jabberwock replied to AndrewRyan93's topic

hey wat up

Jul 7th 2020 22:46

The Spire

Jabberwock replied to REMRoleplay's topic

"If you're looking for berries, I could help, I happen to be quite the herbalist," Arthur said. Arthur showed the gang his tonics. "That's how I made these, these are tonics, drinks made from different herbs, one is for maintaining good health and the other is for intense focus."

"Plants?" Agent 3 picked up the health tonic and looked at it, mesmerized.

"Yup, all from plants. There is even one to give you energy." Arthur dug through his satchel to find a bottle of bitters, which he set down beside the other tonics. "You take this one through a needle, strange, but effective, and finally, you have this bad boy." Arthur took out a bottle of miracle tonic. "This here really works wonders, it provides everything you need in one bottle."

Mar 28th 2020 18:09

The Spire

Jabberwock replied to REMRoleplay's topic

Arthur built a circle out of rocks, then, he found some dry wood and arranged it like a tipi. Arthur struck a match and tossed it onto the wood, creating fire.

"Now, that's a campfire! All we need is something to cook," Arthur sat in thought for a second before checking his satchel, finding some raw venison he had left off from his world. "I killed this deer a few hours before I got here, so the meat is still fresh."

"Meat? Deer? I've never seen any of those things," Agent 3 said, sitting beside Seaspit.

"You never saw a deer before?" Arthur tilted his head slightly. "That's wild,"

"Well, where I'm from, mammals are extinct," Agent 3 said. "We only eat sushi."

"Sushi is the stuff that Japanese people eat, right?" Arthur asked.

"Well, where ever it came from, it sure tastes good," Agent 3 said, gazing up at the darkening sky; the onset of hunger came quickly to the inkling, causing her to tense up, feeling a burning sensation coming from her gut. "Wow, hunger hit me like a train."

Mar 23rd 2020 19:10

The Spire

Jabberwock replied to REMRoleplay's topic

"Since the water was running, it's relatively safe to drink unless of pollutants were present. the water looked very clean to me, but, we can boil just to be safe," Arthur reached into his satchel and took out a book of matches. "I'm going to start a fire, but we need some nice rocks to create a safe space for it,"

"We don't want to forest in a meltdown," Agent 3 said smugly.

"Well, that is true," Arthur replied; since the water had the snake oil in it, when boiled, the snake oil was going to become more potent and have a stronger, positive effect on the gang. .

Mar 21st 2020 08:20

The Spire

Jabberwock replied to REMRoleplay's topic

Arthur knelt down by the river. Using empty snake oil bottles, he rinsed them out and filled them up with water from the river; Arthur chuckled a little, he had an idea.

"I'm going to put some drops of snake oil in here for the gang, that should give them a little extra focus," Arthur thought. "Besides, I can plenty of snake oil to last me a week,"

Arthur collected the snake-oil tinted water and brought it back to the gang.

"Hey! water is here!" Arthur shouted, handing out bottles of water to everyone. Agent 3 looked at the water with fear.

"Hey, human, water harms my species," Agent 3 looked Arthur in the eye.

"Well, you're a squid, you sure?" Arthur looked at Agent 3 in bewilderment.

"Well, you wouldn't understand," Agent 3 said, taking a steel bottle of juice off her belt.

"Well, that unfortunate," Arthur chuckled and sat down on the ground beside his horse, who was grazing on the forest floor.

Mar 20th 2020 07:59