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Ultimate Crossover

Jabberwock replied to Lyric's topic

it's not starting and I don't know why)

Jan 18th 2019 11:07

Balance Of Power

Jabberwock replied to Jabberwock's topic

Name: Ignosaurus

Universe: Fossil Fighters

Height: Unknown, possibly around 15-25 feet tall (Length: 49 feet, this is canon).

Weight: Unknown, maybe around 4-7 tons

Species: Legendary Vivosaur

Personality: Ruthless, ferocious, and willing to kill anything that gets in its way.

Psychical Characteristics: Bipedal with lava flowing through its body, long, sharp teeth, fire breath and fire based abilities.

Powers and Abilities: Burning Bite, Volcanic Combo, Inferno Breath, and Roaring Fire

Story: Born from the heart of a volcano, Ignosaurus is the rival is Frigisaurus. Wandering this strange world for a chance at glory, and for a chance to test its skills in the heat of battle against creatures bigger than itself.


Jan 16th 2019 20:34

Balance Of Power

Jabberwock replied to Jabberwock's topic

A rift in space-time opens and a new world is created, a world in which beasts from all across the multiverse come to assert their dominance. There are five different biomes, a frigid ice biome, a smoldering volcanic biome, a lush forest biome, a dry desert biome, and a humid jungle biome, depending on the creature's psychical characteristics, diet, and way of living, determines where the creature will end up, then, they must fend for themselves in this harsh, unforgiving, virgin land.

Not only do beasts come here, but humans do also, ranging from your average joe to wizards and witches, mages and warlocks, and sorcerers and sorceresses.

Come forth from your humble abode and join us in a land filled with twists and turns!

Beware of the Ice Dragon! he will snatch up any unsuspecting human and bring them to her lair, where she'll torture her victims until death or into submission, in which they will be her servants for the rest of their lives. The dragon lives in The Polar Flats.

Watch out for the Desert Worms! these vile creatures will attack anything that dares to wander too close to the desert temple, where the secrets to this strange universe are held, also, this desert temple is home to other funny characters, like the native tribe known as the Long Jaws, a group of humanoid barbarians with very large jaw bones filled with sharp, pointed teeth. They will attack you of anyone were to step too deep into the bowels of the desert temple. This temple is located in The Desert of The Dominus.

Use caution when wandering near the volcano, or you may summon the Volcanic Pheonix! A firey, two-headed death bird that will brutally murder it's victims and savagely pick the meat from their bones. This death-bird can also breathe fire, and throw fire using its forty-foot wings, so stand back! This creature lives in the depths of Lucifer's Cauldron.

Don't damage the white willow tree or you may find yourself in a duel with The Giant! a one-hundred-foot tall, three-eyed beast that guards the white willow tree. The white willow tree is said to heal those that are sick or wounded by consuming its tiny white flowers. This tree resides in White Willow Forest.

Keep an eye out in the giant, three-headed tiger of The Gloomy Jungle! This ferocious feline will make short work of any being that was to enter its lair! From large, curved claws, a powerful, bone-crushing bite, to a bone-chilling roar, you'll make sure to think twice before your curiosity drives you to your doom!

Character Forum!:






Psychical Characteristics:

Powers and Abilities:



Jan 16th 2019 20:22

Ultimate Crossover

Jabberwock replied to Lyric's topic

It's been more than a day, are you working?)

Jan 14th 2019 22:59

Ultimate Crossover

Jabberwock replied to Lyric's topic


Jan 13th 2019 17:53