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Loving odd and detailed stories

Hila replied to Hila's topic

Hello fellow roleplay addicts!

I played for such a long time and I still know I can improve more. When you’re a person who knows about his flaws and keeps on reflecting on them to create an enjoyable story, please add me.

My OC's are all different and have negative traits. I try to make those clear in the beginning, as I plan on developing my characters. I think about traits suited for our story and your OC, so interaction becomes natural and interesting. You should be able to handle characters that can get bratty or tactless at times. Don’t tell me everything about your OC and add details, NPCs and sub stories as well.

After playing all genre I grew to love odd characters in fantasy settings and historical stuff.

Communication is so so important. I’m not interested in any flash in the pan, so please always be honest with me and tell me when you’re stuck with something. It does happen to the best players and there is no rudeness or shame in speaking up :)

Apr 16th 2019 06:05

Rebirth of English Magic

Hila replied to Hila's topic

London 1814. Europe in the Napoleonic Wars. In this modern and often anxious time, one hears of magic only on jugglery festivals or from drunk old men. The once-self-evident element of English culture broke away 300 years ago. Today, the stories of wealth, elves, and goblins are nothing more than dusty literature. People may forget their roots in jugglers and trixters. No one practices the spells, which are still known. The world has lost talents, the pure thought of magic became ridiculous. But they still exist: Practicing magicians. X learned from books, has an almost complete library, which he keeps locked up from the rest of the world. Every spell, every theory of the essence of magic, every mythical being with its qualities, uses and threats, even philosophical writings, he learned by heart since early childhood. He grew up in this library, which was bequeathed to him by his mother. Did he ever try to lead a normal life? When wars and ever-changing aliances take a sharp turn, his assistant persuades him considering to offer sorcery to the military forces. Convincing the higher society of its capabilities, however, is difficult, because it violates its honor and the codex. Magic should never be used unless expressly required. Otherwise all too fast darkness will creep into the heart of the reckless wizard...

Meanwhile, the young and beautiful Y discovers a natural gift for magic, as it was rare even at dawn of times. Within a few weeks, she uses finesse and enthusiasm to develop her power in such a creative and impressive way, that she is taking the hearts of London's people by storm. (Here begins the rp)

X sees the approaching danger, both in the manner and the power of her magic. For him, the inexperienced, passionate young woman is a threat. It pushes him more than once on the horns of a dilemma... Apart from the fact, that he puts himself at the center of the public interest, there are plenty of fanatics, who easily smear honey around Y’s mouth. What if she becomes a puppet for military agendas?
Y increasingly finds X boring, serious and double-moral. Doesn’t he want magic to impress? Should it keep getting dusty in libraries and be forgotten one day? The two clash with each other in societies, engage in heated verbal combats, and yet can not get rid of each other. Currently they are the only two known magicians in the country and somewhere between all the disputes they occasionally find a common denominator. Only the other one really understands their true nature as magicians.

Their relationship may eventually become something like respect, friendship, even a denied love, but whatever connects them, will be put to the test as soon as the French manage to strike hard against the English army. Y takes forbidden measures to aid her people...

Apr 2nd 2019 06:07

Reintroducing Magic

Hila replied to Mastermind's topic

This sounds interesting. Are you still looking for a play? I would take my time to think about an OC, who maybe adds more plot to it which I of course would discuss with you so there is no contradiction.

Feb 10th 2019 09:15