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Raiders of America.

HerrLeutnant replied to HerrLeutnant's topic

@Redrose416 (Just letting you know, the RP is dead before it even bagan. xD Just check the date. No one was interested in it I suppose)

Sep 13th 2020 00:02

What if... Hell isn't that bad?

HerrLeutnant replied to HerrLeutnant's topic

If i was an overlord of hell for two millennias and for the the past decades I received contruction workers, welders, carpenters, designers, architects, engineers, handymen and people of that nature. I would deffinetly turn hell into a never ending death metal concert/party.

And I believe that 2000 years is enough for Satan got over the whole "God betraying him" incident, so I don't think he/she would remain a bitter Edgelord for that long. xD

So yeah... OH! Don't forget the dancing girls in cages, can't forget those! And hey, if hell is as bad as religious nuts keep claiming, then perhaps new administration of hell is in order? :)

Vote for me and we will make Hell great again! xD

Jul 9th 2020 10:03


HerrLeutnant replied to RideOrDie's topic

I only now noticed you responded, for some reason it didn't show up in my notifications! So I assumed this RP was dead... awkward. xD

Jun 27th 2020 11:29


HerrLeutnant replied to RideOrDie's topic

I have a few questions regarding the roleplay. I might have story element suggestions if interested.

I browsed though the group's character sheets and found the concept of "benefitial" mutations rather intriguing.

May 17th 2020 07:28

furry forum is dead so R.I.P

HerrLeutnant replied to mega-goth247's topic

Do what Dutch says! >:(

Our kind has survived far worse! ^_^

Apr 4th 2020 13:27