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- looking for a literate partner.

DiscordRolePlayer replied to blushedroses's topic

I would definitely be interested if you are willing to give me a chance. I can provide story, good distinct characters, and long term.

Nov 29th 2022 08:04

Roleplay Partners Wanted

DiscordRolePlayer replied to Steffy's topic

Would you be interested in role playing with another female? I can play as multiple characters to help the story. Let me know if interested.

Nov 29th 2022 08:02

In Search of Twilight RP!

I'm very interested. I can definitely play as multiple characters as needed to continue the story. For drama, romance, and good action. I'll add you.

Nov 29th 2022 07:54

*Red's Bucketload of Ideas*

DiscordRolePlayer replied to RedOcean's topic

I'm interested. Would you do female to female roomies? I mean I can play as both m/f in characters.

Sep 29th 2022 08:13

Group discord Rp Server

DiscordRolePlayer replied to sErAsViCtOrIa's topic

I'm interested in joining. Bianca Jensen#7857

Sep 29th 2022 08:02