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Originals Fans.

DiscordRP replied to DiscordRP's topic

Looking for folks to join our crazy fan. We have plenty of roles left.

We have Freya, we have Marcel, we have Mikael, most of the witches have not been taken and you can bring in your own OC's./ Friendly outgoing server, come check us out.

May 4th 2021 23:25

The Originals is missing Marcel

DiscordRP replied to DiscordRP's topic

Come and check out our Discord server RPG,

18+ only please

WE are missing Marcel, Kol and Kai. We have a lot of story lines going on right now including a twin to Klaus that was seperated at birth. He is single ladies and he looks a lot like Lucifer.

Come check us out.

Apr 22nd 2021 19:27

Hey Hey Hey

DiscordRP replied to DiscordRP's topic

What are the originals with out Marcel? Our Rebekah is so lonely.

Not to mention Kol and Kai are no where to be found.

We have a cross over RP with The Originals and the Mystica Falls weaklings, errrr vampires and crew.

We have several active story lines going and welcome new ideas and knew peope. Friend me and come check us out, tell us Discord sent you.

My other RP names


Apr 22nd 2021 19:25

Mystic Falls/Originals

DiscordRP replied to DiscordRP's topic

We have a Discord server that is a Fan fiction for Mystic Falls and The Originals.
We have a lot of main characters still open or you can make your own OC. Super friendly, 18+ only. Come and check us out.


and more.....

Current players

Come and have fun with us

Apr 20th 2021 16:38