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《 Welcome to E.O.U.N 》

Deadboiszn replied to Cow's topic

" Damnit, we're gonna lose this section if they Get a more solid foothold in. Aight time for Protocol 22: Flucked Either Way."

Jhes briskly runs through the sentence has he hurriedly packed the Gauss back.

" You do know if they don't buy it-"

Pointman gets cut off before it could continue
" That's why it's called Flucked Either Way."

" I hope my next wearer is not as haphazardly reckless as you."

The breached gate wasn't a good position to mount a defence as it felt more like concaved space but with no real option to give it to the blackout infantrymen it was a necessity.

" Just one shot is all I need, that and a prayer."
" Neither seems feasible at the moment."

The banter between the two was cut short as Jhes could hear the incoming party.

" The most important part to a good punchline is the subversion."
The bullet exited cleanly into the enclosed spacing and as it traveled through the compound you would be surprised to not hear it's impact for it never found a home. A kinetically activated gas dispersal round; This armament was designed for mass civilian control and non-lethal police enforcement as it contained a concentrated dose of melatonin, inducing sleep.

As the gas propagated into the air the infantrymen started to stumble and fall, not because of the gas but due the low frequency that started to emit once the bullet round itself dissipated into smoke.

The Magister, a control-type stun baton further enhanced to produce infra sound.

The first squad of infantrymen who got in did not stand a fighting chance. Now with many unconscious the numbers were more controllable, though this did not win mean victory as the baton had a limited range and use.

" If you can hear this I'm just gonna say it plainly. Whatever you all are doing out there, do it fast so I don't have to get 100% on my pacifist rating, what I mean is... Don't let more people in." Jhes feverishly pitched in on the comms.

Though his voice shaked his nerves were steeled as he knew how to kill in silence.
He paced his breathing, legs relaxed but solidly on the metallic ground.

He flipped on the basic camouflage protocols within the smoke as he awaited for the next unfortunate squadron. All the while holding tightly to his obsidian edge.

Sep 16th 2018 17:10

《 Welcome to E.O.U.N 》

Deadboiszn replied to Cow's topic

" Do you think the higher ups will notice if I half-ass perimeter guarding?" Jhes cooed.

" Your consistency rate has already been taken note of before. I suggest you actually apply elbow grease into this one before summary execution actually becomes true." The synthesized vocal pattern belonged to pointman, Jhes's AI system.

" Alright, set up the best vantage point and I'll handle the rest."

Jhes reorganized his thoughts as he shuffled to the optimal zone suggested by 'pointman'

Every motion he made though lacking in quickness, no spare movement could be found
as he began to set up the railgun.

The gun was firmly mounted on top of one the segmented parts of the base.

Though the jockeys were close Jhes knew it was still viable to use kinetic bunker buster rounds for the newly initiated skirmish.

" If this gun was a set up to a joke, I'd probably be a good comedian." Jhes remarked to himself as he fired the first booming shot into a group of jockeys circling the compound.

The ground atomized from the sheer force of the bullet, a small crater ring was formed and the dust barely began to start settling.

" Your humor is too abstract for it to be funny." Pointman retorted.

But this was merely bravado as Jhes's real focus was critically impeding the flow of the battle.

After the shot he switched to the multiple frequency channels trying to get a hold of the blackmailer
" Hey Jericho, you there? You got any ideas on how to corral these bucks? The reload on this thing is killing me, I am not exactly the fastest hands in the West.. hehehe... west.... lateral puns."

( I suggest reading up on my Gun's speed, while it has a slow reloading time those jockeys I fired on are unlikely to have survived.)

Sep 16th 2018 09:57

《 Welcome to E.O.U.N 》

Deadboiszn replied to Cow's topic

I did read your character fully, I really honestly thought it was part of ze other group

Sep 15th 2018 14:38

《 Welcome to E.O.U.N 》

Deadboiszn replied to Cow's topic

My bad, I honestly thought it read black out. Mini Mandela effect.

Sep 15th 2018 14:37

《 Welcome to E.O.U.N 》

Deadboiszn replied to Cow's topic

*the feeling when you are the only member of Apollo's Brigade*

Sep 14th 2018 16:46