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A Message from your Friendly Neighborhood Voidman

Criminies replied to Criminies's topic

Hi! I'm a fairly new member to this website, joined in October and forgot all about it's existence until recently. I wouldn't say I'm new to roleplaying as a concept but haven't roleplayed in a very long time, and when I did I rarely stepped outside my comfort zone. This has unfortunately resulted in my being a bit rusty in my skill-set, as well as being reluctant to dive in. That being said, I'm a cool queer writer who is super duper open and eager to roleplay and add anyone who is interested! My profile and characters are still being worked but go ahead and check me out, send a message, and/or add me and I'll do my best to reciprocate. I can already tell there's so much talent and possibility here and I can't wait to become a part of it!

Feb 10th 2019 17:48

Supernatural/Paranormal Multiplayer game

Criminies replied to Quiddity's topic

Count me in!

Feb 10th 2019 17:38