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DC RPers?

Comicwolf replied to OverAndOver's topic

It depends, do you want romance or more platonic

Dec 10th 2021 05:34

DC RPers?

Comicwolf replied to OverAndOver's topic

I would like to roleplay with you

Nov 21st 2021 05:51

Marvel to dc interests

Comicwolf replied to Comicwolf's topic

Hello there im looking to roleplay agianst these characters with my oc, i would love to do romance if able.

Bruce wayne
Oliver queen
Lex luthor
Clark kent
Ask me

Tony stark
Bruce banner
Eddie brock and venom
Matt murdock
Ask me

Apr 26th 2021 06:52

On the search for lucifer morningstar

Comicwolf replied to Comicwolf's topic

1. Know atleast season one or more of lucifer
2. Know what arrowverse is
3. Mxf only no mxm
4. Two sentences, or more, unless you write lesser. I write one or more paragraphs depending on the rp.
5. Be able to rp the background characters. In this one im usually the one who roleplay the other characters while the rper just rps as the character. Which is ok but i prefer if we both were able to rp the character and the side ones.

Im in need of a rper for two ideas:
1. Lucifer, a half wolf/fallen angel/demon. One night while lucifer was at lex, his wolf scent start to catch a scent of his mate...he followed it only to find a group a thugs in a alleyway and a female vigilantie tying them up. He tried to follow her but loses track of her. Will they meet agian or will she try to avoid him?
2. after crisis (from crisis on infinate earths) destroy his earth, lucifer appears on earth one and while trying to get ajusted to this earth staying in starling city, he gets involved with men in white after a young woman, he decides to help protect my oc. But he must also avoid the angel guards of this earth as well. Can he protect her from the people after her or will they hurt each other by telling the truth to each other. As white archer she finds demons who must be sent to judgement and captures them

(If anyone is wondering yes he is part of the dc tv universe and arrowverse as it was confirmed in crisis) he also was on smallville)

If you are intrested message me.

Mar 23rd 2020 08:51

Looking for characters with new ideas

Comicwolf replied to Comicwolf's topic

Oliver queen alpha half wolf
Barry allen omega or alpha half wolf
Matt murdock
John constantine half wolf alpha
Barry allen or arrow and daredevil idea
Nightwing half wolf
More to be added

Sep 3rd 2019 06:36