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On the search for lucifer morningstar

Comicwolf replied to Comicwolf's topic

1. Know atleast season one or more of lucifer
2. Know what arrowverse is
3. Mxf only no mxm
4. Two sentences, or more, unless you write lesser. I write one or more paragraphs depending on the rp.
5. Be able to rp the background characters. In this one im usually the one who roleplay the other characters while the rper just rps as the character. Which is ok but i prefer if we both were able to rp the character and the side ones.

Im in need of a rper for two ideas:
1. Lucifer, a half wolf/fallen angel/demon. One night while lucifer was at lex, his wolf scent start to catch a scent of his mate...he followed it only to find a group a thugs in a alleyway and a female vigilantie tying them up. He tried to follow her but loses track of her. Will they meet agian or will she try to avoid him?
2. after crisis (from crisis on infinate earths) destroy his earth, lucifer appears on earth one and while trying to get ajusted to this earth staying in starling city, he gets involved with men in white after a young woman, he decides to help protect my oc. But he must also avoid the angel guards of this earth as well. Can he protect her from the people after her or will they hurt each other by telling the truth to each other. As white archer she finds demons who must be sent to judgement and captures them

(If anyone is wondering yes he is part of the dc tv universe and arrowverse as it was confirmed in crisis) he also was on smallville)

If you are intrested message me.

Mar 23rd 2020 08:51

Looking for characters with new ideas

Comicwolf replied to Comicwolf's topic

Oliver queen alpha half wolf
Barry allen omega or alpha half wolf
Matt murdock
John constantine half wolf alpha
Barry allen or arrow and daredevil idea
Nightwing half wolf
More to be added

Sep 3rd 2019 06:36


Comicwolf replied to Comicwolf's topic

I am looking for any rpers from dc and marvel. I have two groups that are in need of characters, the roleplay groups are on a different rp site

RULES: active, do not ghost the group: when we tag you please dont wait a whole week to reply, tagging you means we need you now in the rp.
2. Be kind and let us know if you are going to be offline for a few days: this is IMPORTANT because lately some roleplayers go offline for a certain period of time
3. When you join i will send a link to the group you choose and then you will have to fill a character sheet
4.keep up with the rp: this rule is mostly for arrowverse group especially since we have rp archs for the storyline, like right now is the first arrow and flash teamup
5. For xaiver high school, you will need to list crush and school year like sophmore, freshman, senior or junior

Peter parker/spiderman
Bruce banner
Principal bruce wayne
Richard grayson
Kara danvers
Oliver queen
Diana prince
Black widow
Captain marvel
And any not listed as taken
Ocs are allowed in this rp

Clark kent
Jason todd
Scott summer
Damian wayne
Tony stark

Bruce wayne
Oliver queen
Caitlyn snow/Killer frost
Saturn girl
white canary/sara
Alex danver
Felicity smoke
Any others not mentioned
We usually would allow ocs but currently we havent found anyone with ocs that can keep up with the roleplay

Damian wayne
Barry allen
Ray palmer
Clark kent
harrison wells/eobard thawne
Lena luthor
Kara danvers
Richard grayson
Wally west

Aug 1st 2019 06:15

Welcome all to the other side

Comicwolf replied to Comicwolf's topic

i need: a daredevil
bruce banner
red hood
steve rogers
static shock

Jan 7th 2019 12:42

Looking for canon characters for group rp

Comicwolf replied to Comicwolf's topic

Looking for marvel dc characters for a high school rp: any canon characters welcome or oc but we really need canon characters

Or marvel defenders: any canon character or oc:

We already have loki, hawkeye and emma frost

Nov 18th 2018 18:23